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Sprint Workout Video Reviewhrv
Dec 23, 2003 8:28 PM
Probably a little early to be doing these types of workouts right now, like maybe by 4 - 5 months for some, but I just got the video and wanted to try it, for 'fun'.

The video is Training Day with Marty Nothstein - Sprint Perfection, Vol. 1 (avail. at In addition to my time trialing and climbing I really need to work on my sprint for next season - I'm one slow twitchin' mofo. I thought who better to get tips from then The Man?

The first few efforts are a couple of minutes long, in 39x15, to get the system primed. I did feel that the workout had a different 'feel' to the recovery times, whereby they seem too short in the beginning, and at first, too long towards the end, which had us doing 20 second efforts with 3 minute recoveries. But I came to the realization that to do a quality 20 second sprint, those long recovery times were necessary.

I think it would be a great supplement to any sprint program. Like any workout, you get what you put into it. Most of the efforts are done in 39 x 15, and if you think that's easy stuff, wait until the last couple of efforts. And they're only 20 seconds long. But if you put all of your effort into it, say spinning at 150 + , you'll be praying for them to end! There are some standing efforts in 53x12 that had me cursing at him, too.

All in all a great way to mix up the workouts, and I'm glad I have this tool in my arsenal. There is no lack of info. on good sprint workouts on the web and books, but it's way cool to be doing your workout and having one of the fastest guy in the world, at one time, calling the shots!

keep on spinning,