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Junior needing some help getting startedkhockey19
Nov 24, 2003 1:57 PM
hi everyone, i got myself a road bike two years ago when i was 16 because i have always loved cycling and the first spring/summer i had with it was awesome. i got myself a 2001 Giant TCR 0 and still love it to death. I need some help though getting more involved with the sport of cycling. I played Ice hockey through much of high school as well as other organized sports and i'm very lost entering this sport. with hockey its easy to find a club or team to compete with... go to your local rink and try out... i've searched for two years basically and am still very confused. i realize there are clubs in my area and i've gone to my local bike shops yet still seem to have come up empty handed. I live in the immediate Philadelphia area, suburbs, and have always ridden the great Kelly/West River drives on weekends when they shut it down for recreation stuff and during the week i get my hills in around where i live. i have a very versitile training region. I've done one race on my own which was a time trial, this was shortly after getting my road bike and i regreat not getting it sooner because i wasn't in the best condition i could have been and no where near where i was in the mid to end of the summer. Any help regarding clubs/teams that can cater to my needs would be greatly appriciated. I simply get too bored riding on my own and hoping someone nice will ride along and be able to draft with because most people who are involved with a club even if by themselves tend to not want to ride together with someone else not of a club from my experience. My father has always ridden with me but last year i began to get past him and it got frustrating having to slow up for him. I want the chance to try my hand in this sport at an organised level and i truely believe i can i just need the guidence to do it.

Thank you for anyone who can lend a helping hand in sterring me in the right direction. If you would like to contact me you may do so here by email

Thanks again
Don't hesitate to race on your own at first...biknben
Nov 25, 2003 7:22 AM
There are many options for you in the Philly area. I'm in Trenton, NJ and often see the Philly teams at races. Two that pop into my head right away are Guy's Cycles and Wissahichon.

There's nothing stopping you from just entering a race by yourself. You don't have to be on a team or club. The Junior fields aren't that big. If you raced regularly, it wouldn't be long before clubs started looking for
i you.
Most clubs would be eager to work with Juniors.

For a schedule of races in your area, go here: At this point, the season is over except for a few cross races. Check back at the beginning of '04 and you will see stuff popping up.
Just jump in....xcmntgeek
Nov 29, 2003 8:40 AM
I'm 17 and I've been racing for years. The easiest way to start racing is to just race. Once you race, talk to some people there, find some group rides and you'll be set.