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Winter TrainingZone_5_Junkie
Nov 3, 2003 6:56 PM
It's November and here's the official winter training thread.

I took 3 weeks totally off the bike and am starting my base miles phase. I've still got great fitness since the end of the season so it's strange riding in zone 2 for 3 hours. This year I got mentally shelled mid season due to last years high intensity winter training so this year I'm gonna be more disciplined about going SLOW.

I'm planning on starting at 4 days on the bike per week. The weekends will be 3-4 hour rides on Sat/Sun while during the week I'll do shorter rides or spend time on the rollers. Luckily it doesn't get very cold here so I can ride the bike all winter.

Weight training starts this week also: Leg Press, Squats, Plyometrics, and a little bit of upper body work thrown in. I'm also taking a pilates class to work on the core.

diet: here's the biggie. gotta lose some serious weight this winter. I'm at about 155lb and want to be at 148 by march so I'm cutting back big time on the crap...esp. beer .

Time to rack up the miles...
Is it that time already???biknben
Nov 4, 2003 6:07 AM
I've still got one race left this weekend. I've stopped all interval type riding for a while now. My last peak ended a month ago. Now, I'm just on cruise control trying not to loss to much of my fitness. The stronger I finish this year, the better I'll start next season.

I commute to work by bike so I still get plenty of miles in but they are just zone 1-2 stuff. I mix it up on weekends and try to have as much fun as possible.

I start base building again in late Dec. Unfortunately, weather makes it difficult and I have to get creative with cross-training during the winter months. There's no way I can get 15-18 hours/week on the bike during Jan. and Feb.

By cutting back on the garbage food and beer, you should have no trouble shedding a few pounds.