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End of the racing season reviewflyinbowlofmilk
Oct 19, 2003 7:52 PM
Hi everyone. Well the racing season is done for me. I have seen some improvement as a 2 yr Cat 5 racer. And I have had my fair share of cat 5 racing disater. I have went from fininshing dead last to finishing with the pack,and either getting lapped or not getting lapped(crits). I have also crashed this year which I hope not to do next year. Crashing at a Crit hurts. I have also reached some of my goals I set for this year. I have at least 2 goals that will go to next year. Now my only problem will be trying to figure out how to work it around my job. They have me working at least 1 day out of a weekend ,that is base on a 6 to 7 person rotation. That is going to mess up my training. Well how have everyone else 2003 racing season go for them. Did you reach some or all of you goals that you set this year? And I hope you don't have to go through what I have to do this fall/winter. I have to get me a new wheelset. I am thinking of getting Mavic Cosmos to replace my Ritchey aero wheels,which have had at least 4 spokes break in them(3 in the rear,and 1 in the front wheel). And the bad thing about it I just brought the bike this year. Well that enough babbling for now. I look forward to everyone adivce on how this 2 yr Cat5 racer can get better.


Washed out!Rich_Racer
Oct 21, 2003 10:54 AM
Moved to CA 9 months ago and was planning to race here but got very ill and didn't ride for 2 months. Completely threw off all my plans and I didn't race at all other than a triathlon just for fun. Getting the fitness back has been the only achievement so I'm in the same position as I was this time last year, I suppose. I'm apprehensively looking forward to cat5 racing next year and will be riding, swimming, running, amd playing soccer over the "winter" (it's SoCal!) to build on the base to get ready for it!
This year really suckedMR_GRUMPY
Oct 22, 2003 10:29 AM
Things were going along pretty good until I came down with a "cold" in mid April. The so-called "cold" has hung around all summer, and really messed up my training. I went from feeling sick during the week to getting my a$$ kicked on the weekends.
I think that I need to find a new doctor.
My first Year - kinda longDream plus
Oct 22, 2003 4:50 AM
I started as Cat 5 this year- my first road racing. I did road 9 races, so I'll upgrade to 4 next season.
1st race
Seaford B -fun 2 day event fun, I rode stupidly because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish.
2nd race
Susquehannock RR Cat4/5- very hilly I got worked over in the sprint - 20th
3rd race
Wilmington Classic Crit Cat5 - got in 2 man break on 1st lap. Stayed in front got caught by 3 more - 4th in the sprint.
4th race
Blue Bell 35+ - my first age group race. Very fast. I flatted but was able to get a wheel from a teamate who wasn't racing. Got picked up by a group that had been dropped. We finished up about 5 min behind leaders. "Don't worry we won't sprint for 25th place" - yeah sure!
5th race
Bird in Hand Cat4/5
Pretty fast. I tried some breaks. Finished with my pitiful sprint @ 15th but had teamate get 4th.
6th race
Another hilly race. I worked too hard. Got dropped late in the race from lead group finished with some other stragglers in @ 20th.
7th race
Mays Landing Crit Cat5
Fun safe course. As a team we tried some things but it wasn't hilly enough to get loose. I got 11th. I signed up for the 35+ race after but missed the start got 3 laps in before being pulled. Really stupid.
8th race
Battle of the Brandywine 40+ - This was D20 RR championship on a very hard course with one steep long climb. I stayed with some heavy hitters for 6 out of 8 laps. On the 6th time up I got spit out at the top and never caught back. Finished 35th. Next year I'll ride 50+.
9th race
Washington Township RR Cat4/5
Rode with some teamates and had a lot of fun. We attcked and attacked. Everytime one of us got caught another one would attack. I led out my teamate for a prime and suffered for a while but recovered and finished 11th in the sprint.
Next year I won't ride so stupidly - at least that's my goal. I'm going to concentrate on team tactics. I'll probably also do some 50+ races.
Hey Dream PlusKrindog
Oct 22, 2003 5:48 AM
Are you from the Lacaster or Central Pa area? Some of the races you did are in my neck of the woods. I really want to start racing next year and would like some of your input on the cat 5 races.

Hey Dream PlusDream plus
Oct 22, 2003 6:14 AM
MD,PA, DE area. Seems like there are plenty of Cat 5 races & Cat 4/5 races.
for mid atlantic races
for PA races
The Red Rose Rockets races are all in the Lancaster area and were good races.
I live outside Newark DE in MD.
Oct 22, 2003 6:32 AM
Good Topic! Who else can give us a season report? Here's mine!Asiago
Oct 22, 2003 7:10 AM
A good topic for the racing board FBM!

For me, this was my first season racing and it was a very steep learning curve. I rode without a team this year so at my first races, I was a bit out-of-touch with race prep. I was really starting to come around by the end of April first part of May. I was really happy with the progress I was making. Then, I started to overtrain and by the time I realized what was going on, I was in really bad shape. Oh well! I had a lot of fun this year and rode a BUNCH! I did 4200 miles last year and already have surpassed that mark by some 1500 miles! It was fun to ride my bike so much, though it wasn't such a good idea for racing. In essence I did far too much.

The end of the season has been great however. I've got a new coach, who's local, and is available by phone whenever I need and is available to ride often, at LEAST twice a week. Further, I am going to be on a really, really great team next year. I don't fit their typical criteria for a new rider (too old at 31 and only a Cat4), but I think my coach influenced the powers-that-be to sign me on. I will learn so much on this team.

Working with the coach has been the best. He's already significantly altered my mental approach to cycling. I can't wait til next season!

Overall a pretty good year.Pack Meat
Oct 22, 2003 3:05 PM
I worked with a coach, Sherpa23, from last November til about April and came into the season feeling pretty good and seeing some results. I went from being Pack Meat in the Colorado Cat 3 field to finishing in the top 10-15% in any race that didn't finish in a sprint. I also helped start up the Haul'n Ass Race Team (HART), We had a really good time and a great group of talented guys. It was probably the most fun I've had racing a bike. I also raced in some really fun and well organized races including the Memorial Day races in the Quad Cities in Iowa, Valley of the Sun in AZ, the Elam Classic in Grand Junction Colorado and the Estes Park Stage Race in Estes Park. Probably the most fun in terms of crowd, courses and competition was the Wednesday Night Worlds that went around Mile High Stadium in Denver. On a couple of the nights the local Pro soccer team had games at the stadium. It was cool have a crit going around the place and tons of spectators and stuff.

Bike racing is a game. If you're not attacking or setting up for the sprint or working for a teammate than you may as well be on the sidelines watching.
SLOG Review Herehrv
Oct 23, 2003 7:49 AM
Or, Slow Old Guy. Well, I guess 48 1/2 really isn't old, but not too young for racing either. Plus, I started 2 years ago,riding and racing, and I can't seem to find anyone else, who, like me, had not ridden a bike, or done anything aerobic, played sports, etc., prior to racing, esp. at that age. Didn't exactly go from the couch to the start line, but pretty close. So I guess just showing up for races should be victory enough, right?

I did loosely-adhered-to Friel program last year, and you know what, I'm not so sure the only easy riding during the winter helped me or hurt me. I always seemed to be constantly behind the 8-ball for the season in terms of hi-end efforts. I think I might have lost so much off-season, and never quite got it back. So this season I'm doing some efforts: not the focus of the season, mind you, but enough to not lose my edge, or risk becoming an x-mas star. For someone in my position and age I am realizing I need to have LT work , or above, on a consistent basis, else the work involved in getting it back requires so much more effort it royally screws up any training program I want to follow. Capiche?

My racing this year consisted of 1 road race, about 5 TT's, and about 12 - 15 crits, all on a car-race-track, so pretty mellow: no 90 degree turns on curbed city streets. The best I did was about 20th / 50 in a cat.3/4 field, and would have possibly been in the top ten if not for someone nailing me in the final corner. While no results to show for the year, the fact that I raced with the 3/4's and wasn't dropped was cause for celebration for me.

I wanted to do more road races, but I started having a problem on hills this year: back pain on steep stuff, esp. with repeated climbs. Once it starts, it totally zaps my power, game over man. Working on stretching,core work, and will see a doctor/pt to get to the bottom of it. Just hope I didn't do long term damage during the many climbs I completed in absolute agony. So above and beyond anything else, include muscle endurance, anaerobic endurance, etc.,my main limiter is my back. That's area number 1 that needs to be addressed prior to next season.

It's great to see how my body (and mind) are changing to satisfy the demands of racing. A freakin' human petri dish.
Just being patient, waiting for those magic racing legs to show up. People have said here 'It takes 5 years to make a racer'. If I'm still a SLOG then, then off to mountain biking and fixed gear riding I go!

Hey SLOG and Vindicator.Dream plus
Oct 24, 2003 4:15 AM
I too loosely followed Friel for a year before realizing I must be doing something wrong. I was. I began following Friel NOT so loosely. I ended up signing up on as a self coached athlete. Before I was not emphasisizing recovery enough especially during the season. I also found plenty of workout variety during the Base periods to keep it interesting. It was definitely not all just slogging out the miles. I found my race fitness was fine in the early season even though I hadn't even begun Build Period. True there are no anaerobic intervals but there were threshold intervals and Force workouts consisting of short bursts. It's not true that there is no intensity during the Base periods. Good luck next year. - And SLOG I'm a 49yo 1st year Cat5. Next year I'll be a 4. I don't see ever making it to Cat 3, but who knows?
Keep Hope Alive, DP!hrv
Oct 24, 2003 7:13 AM
Here in Oregon, the 4/5's race together, and one race qualifies you as a 4. So that part's easy. I can't decide which is harder, the 40+ or cat. 3. I know for a fact the 40+ here has some ex-pro's (one guy I know used to be Lemond's domestique!), and the 50+ only has a handful of guys racing, so maybe I'll try for 3 also. Good Luck to us both!

I wasn't talking about the Base periods, I was talking about the Trans/Prep periods, well maybe Base I also. Like you said, as long as I recover when I need to, I'm good to go. Plus I enjoy doing the early season races here and want to be somewhat ready for them, even if it means taking a mid-season break.

The main thing is, enjoy the pain and have fun!
Masters vs other categoriesMcAndrus
Oct 24, 2003 12:17 PM
As a 51-year-old second year racer here's my opinion.

Masters 35+ is between a Cat 3 and Pro-1-2 in intensity. Masters 45+ is between a Cat 4 and Cat 3.

There is some variation in this, of course. I ride frequently with local 3s and 2s, particularly in our Tuesday Night Championship criteriums so I think I have some feel for the pace difference. Sometimes you get a real fast 45+ group and they can ride pretty hard.

In fact, in my last race of the season I stayed to watch the Pro-1-2. In it was one of the 45+ers and this guy actually got off the front for a while. Some of these Masters guys are pretty good.

By the way, I agree with the too-much-rest, particularly at our age. Last year I took two fulls weeks off the bike at the end of the season in October. When I started again in November I felt like crap and it wasn't until mid-January that I got my legs back.

This year I'm taking no time off but I am ramping down the intensity quite a bit. I'll start ramping that back up in December when I go back into Base 1.
Oct 24, 2003 1:58 PM
be very careful about not taking sufficient time off during the off-season. Last season I decided for the first time that I would forego my usual month of complete rest and do some moderate cross training. I was really exited about an opprotunity to go to collegiate nats. and got a tad overzealous. I kept the intensity really low but still had a cosiderable training schedule. I felt really good about a month before Nationals but, by the time they came around I was fairly deep into the overtraining hole and not riding strong at all. I took some time off and managed to wrap up with a decent season but never really got my edge back. The fact that it takes a while to get your legs back is probaly the best thing for your body. It tells you that you are a little out of shape and that you have had sufficient rest. While I am not against maintaining a little fitness in the offseason, I believe you definately are walking a line and too much will definately bite you in the ass once your season gets underway. Good Luck and always remember to keep it fun!
maybe check ot Dave Morris's bookK-Man
Nov 6, 2003 9:44 AM
He intergrates some power/interval efforts right from the start of training. I have read his book and am incorporating some of his training into my plan. I have always been a mtb racer, road trainer, but am hoping 2004 to start some road racing as well.

just a thought,
Season 1 down...manicoti
Oct 23, 2003 8:08 AM
It was my first year of Cat. 5 Racing and I loved it. Of course I got nailed by the other riders early, but by the end of the season, I was always at the front of the 4/5 races. I even got second at a crit when I got nipped at the line by a Cat 4 rider. I owe all of it to Toby, my coach. I thought I was going way too slow early in the year, but he was very good about keeping me restrained and knowing when to push me and when to let me recover. I also rode on occasion with a couple of 1/2's and picked up alot of good tips and tricks as well as tactics. I am not on a team and don't really need to be on one. I have learned how to find the strongest team and follow the strongest rider on that team. I am not yet strong enough to do anything yet, but I am always there.
I plan on taking everything up a notch (within the wishes of my coach) and losing about 25+ lbs of show hanging around my midsection, and I will be hanging at the front of the 3/4 races by the end of the next season.
I am patient and know I need time to mature into a real cyclist, but I am off to a solid start and an completely stoked about it.
Partial first seasonvindicator
Oct 23, 2003 11:10 AM
I just started riding in July 2002, after a few years of no aerobic exercise - I was a runner before that. I was 36 this season, turning 37 last month. Decided to do a couple of races in 2003 and see what they were all about.

Did a "loose Friel" as one of the other posters referred to, but otherwise no coach and no team.

Decided to focus on RRs as I'm not confident enough in my skills to mess with tricky crowded crits yet. Unfortunately, work and kids schedules (and my desire to also work my first century into this season) took most of the local spring RRs off the calendar for me.

So I stuck with the local "Tuesday Night Worlds" practice crit series, which features tame corners. I ran the C race (out of A, B, and C) and had a blast. I finished in the points (top 6) every time I raced. Highlight was the time we made a 4-man break stick for about half the race (thanks to one of the four being a cat 3 machine who qualifies for the C race because he's still a junior - he coached us the whole time we were away). That's the hardest I've worked and the most fun I've had in a race. Even though I was third out of a four man break, the first two were much younger than me and the guy I beat was one of my riding buddies who I NEVER beat - and I came from behind him in the sprint - so that was fun.

I did get on RR in, which I posted about. I got fourth out of a small field (10-15) in an over 30 cat 5 group. Not enough riders to get any pack experience, but rode in the fastest paceline I've ever done until I couldn't keep up anymore.

A June crash while training, separating my shoulder, cost me 4-5 of the Tuesday crits, and familiy stuff including our anniversary and a vacation cost me another 3, plus a local end of season race I really wanted to do.

Next year's goals are to stick with Friel, make it to more of the Tuesday night races, and to do both the B and C races each time for better training, and to do all the local RRs and at least a crit or two (on the less dangerous courses).

We may also have a December TT this year in connection with a new bridge opening, so I may have a report on that.
ups and downs, pain and suffering and redemptionweiwentg
Oct 23, 2003 4:56 PM
I broke my collarbone last year, so I started the season with issues. the first race of the year, someone went down when we were going up a hill (thankfully very slowly). I ended up unclipped, and lost the pack. and then some schmuck out-descended me for second last.
got 9th my second race - steep uphill finish. not bad, but I was expecting better. a lot better. this was, after all, why I bought those Zipp 303s. I figured it was spring (collegiate season), and that I'd improve.
my girlfriend dumped me (I wonder where LFR is...), and so my third race (a freezing, windy, completely flat TT) was complete and utter crap. I hate windy TTs. I hate freezing temps; we'd brought clothes for 60 degrees. I also (as do most people, I assume) hate getting dumped.
then came the first road races of the summer. I did a couple of training crits - finished one more or less anonymously, DNFed the other. I did a 3-day stage race, which included a Paris-Roubaix style race that I was damn happy just to survive. the last stage was a hideously windy criterium. in some places we were going 10 miles an hour. that was not fun. I dropped out. second DNF ever. not good for morale.
next race was a hilly road race. I didn't really have it on the finishing hill. compounding matters, someone clipped me and nearly took the lot of us down. I was lucky to get 7th. I was pretty disappointed. we'd (this was a cat 4 race) putzed around for 4 laps at touring pace, and then sprinted the last hill. sheesh.
by this time, I figured that it was attack or die. the next road race, I went to the front and rode damn hard from the gun. fortunately, I was not the only one with those ideas. unfortunately, it was pouring. halfway through, someone went down right in front of me. I got tossed off my bike, and was lucky not to break anything. 3rd DNF ever, and by now I was wondering if perhaps I could sell my road bike.
I decided not to. at the next criterium, I got into the winning break with a teammate. unfortunately, it was windy, and we are both very small riders. he got dropped (he had also just completed a junior training camp). I got dropped a few laps later. figuring I could still at least get 5th, I put my head down and rode hard. they caught me ... after the finish line.
I made some bonehead mistakes at the state crit championships and finished out of the top 10 - I went too hard for two primes (and didn't get them), plus I was overtrained. I took a week off. I got a top 10 placing in a crit the following week, with the state RR that weekend. it was a 50 mile race, so I figured there would be attrition. I tried for a break on the last, but only one person went with me and we got caught. the winning break went off later in the lap, and I got with it. the peloton chased too late. it was a cyclocross-level effort, but we stayed away. unfortunately, I'd expended too much energy in the wind, and had no sprint. another 5th place.
then came Tour de Toona, and I did post a report here, so I'm not going to repeat that. I upgraded to cat 3 after that, and led my sprinter out in the first race I did. he won the field sprint ... after we let two guys go, one by one, who were on the same team. argh.
and then, of course, I crashed.
A big piece of humble piexcmntgeek
Oct 24, 2003 8:02 AM
This year I acomplished much of my goals, and had my fair share of disapointing moments along the way. Big props go out to my coach (Dale Brigham) who has been instumental in all my wins and successes and who is one of the most intelligent people I've ever meet.
-Goals achieved: Cat 3 upgrade, moutain bike state championship win, raced at Abitibi (UCI, jr only stage race), Finished every expert mtb race I started.
-Flatting out of the winning break at the road race state championship (but I did put in the TT of my life trying to catch them and caught and passed the masters field)
-Crashing out at Abitibi
-losing TT state championship by six seconds

Total days racing- 57
Total wins-4
Total podiums-6
This was my second to last year in the juniors and my first racing expert mtb. Getting my butt kicked at Abitibi and at almost every mtb race taught me to suffer, and it all paid off come the state championship race. I'm looking forward to next year, and already ramping up the base miles.
Good job, FIBOM!!rollo tommassi
Oct 24, 2003 6:16 PM
Sounds like you had fun this season, and you have a good attitude going into next year. My only advice is to not beat yourself up over your work schedule, and not to obsess about training to make up for work or your life getting 'in the way'. That is always the hardest thing, to maintain a healthy balance.

Be sure to ride with people/groups who are higher cats, and perhaps focus on those really high end efforts. You can do all the long, slow endurance stuff anytime, but make the most of the max efforts.
Late addition to the thread...biknben
Oct 27, 2003 9:16 AM
This was my second year in the Expert Class. Last year, I was average. Never in contention for a win but far from last. The fields in Jersey are very small. 15 guys in my age group (30-34) is a good showing. I've gotten to know the other regular racers and we are all friendly but very competative. It led to some awesome racing in the woods. In the state series I placed 2nd and 4th in individual races and second overall. On a side note, I entered a pro race with a weak field and finished fourth. Brought home $200 for that placing.

Road racing has typically been filler for me. Just F'in around at training races or local stuff. I was well beyond the requirements to cat up to 4 but never bothered. This spring I finally upgraded. As the year went on I slowly put more emphasis on the road races. I got onto a team during the summer which ignited a fire under my butt. I finished 13th at the state crit and took a few other top tens.

I'm planning to send in an upgrade request to 3 hoping that the combo of my MTB and road races will be justification. USCF considers Expert to be equivelant to cat. 3. Also, if I hadn't missed road races to do MTB races I would have had enough races to upgrade. We'll see.
bad-good-bad-great (long)aaroncvc
Nov 11, 2003 10:52 AM
my year:

broke my wrist a few days before new years. hit some ice on a descent and went down hard. this screwed up my entire year... but i salvaged it... here's what i remember

chesapeake RR 4/5 - 2nd road race. big break up the road that i was not in. i won the sprint for the main pack for like 19th.

tysons corner circuit race 4/5 - 1.5 mile circuit. little after mid-race i had a solo attack that stayed for 2.5 laps. got caught, finished mid-pack.

montgomery county ag crit 5 - 6th or something

hump race 4/5 - pack fodder - no endurance for longer stuff at this time of the year

bunny hop 5 - 6th

jefferson cup 5 - couldn't answer the decisive move, still not enough endurance. got in a chase group with 2 of my guys. they went off the front of our chase group. i blocked then got dropped just before the finish.

carl dolan circuit race 5 - 10th. last five race.

bike jam 4 - upgraded. two flats.

bike jam 3/4 - another flat. lots of glass on the course.

wilmington crit 4 - 11th. break went up the road with 2 to go. teammate asked me to chase it down. i did so, finished at the end of the lead group. someone crashed right infront of me on the last lap.

quicksilver 4 - total wash out. got sick of taking a rear wheel bath and attacked like 6 times in the race. pack fodder since i got chased every time.

solarex points challenge 4 - attacked alot but never anything that worked out. led out some guys for a few sprints.

poolesville RR 4/5 - had not tightened my rear wheel enough. hit the "pave" and it popped out in lap one. chased back on, crash in front of me in the pave on lap 3 took half the field out of the race.

poolesville 3/4 - feeling great at this point. rear flat, took awhile for the wheel truck to get to me. got in a chase group. we were 5 minutes down and slowly gaining with 2 left. called it a day.

reston GP 4 - exhausted from the day before, plus a starting line crash (someone pushed me into the barriers), and a huge argument with the officials over whether or not i could get back in with a free lap... then the official didn't let me sprint back in till it was too late. caught back on, never sttled back in. pulled out.

took some time off, trained alot.

clarendon cup 3/4 - started off well, crash broke things up, my group was chasing, very well. we were cruising 30 seconds faster than the main group, woulda caught them in about a lap but the ref's pulled us bceause a few riders up the road were apparently in danger of catchign us?????

altoona 4 - crashed before i got to the start line on day 1, infront of a very big d3 team. 3 riders entering the same stretch of real estate, we all had to break. two went down. attacked coming into town, was caught, then finished off the back. day 2 didn't get the right warm up. was going ok till the KOM, then moved back 40 places. gained back 20 places. took the sprint for my group. there sure is pride in fighting for a mid 20's place. haha.. day 3 crash in front of me and lots of stupididty made me call it a day. went home very upset at myself.

charles city road race 4 - lots of attacking. good race for me. bad finish though... attacked with about 3 k to go, was caught with 1 k to go. legs were blown, oh well.

back to school crit 4 - never felt like i settled in. intense lap lap attack that was shut down. pack fodder.

nutcracker road race 4 - strong race for me. 7th place. this is a hard, hard race. mountaintop finish.

kuhn cup 3/4 - team time trial then team points race. we finished 2nd.

turkey day 3/4 - chased some moves, worked for the team. break went up the road with 3 to go. we couldn't get it back. i attacked at the start of the last lap (See a pattern here?) and got caught at the last corner... almost had 3rd!

mp murad RR 4 - distirct championship race. 6th place. solo attaack at the beginning of the ra
Slow start but a good season nonetheless...(long)doubledog
Dec 11, 2003 6:47 PM
I race in the OK/AR area. Started the year at around 260lbs. Worked my way down to 190 over the course of the season. Hoping to lose 15lbs more before next season.

Salt Creek CR--5's--hilly course, dropped on 3rd of 6 laps, flatted DNF. 4/5s--dropped on 2nd lap, finished in small group off the back.

Cowskin CR--5's--hilly course, small field. dropped on long climb, finished 7th out of 15

NW Arkansas Spring Classic RR--5's--Cold and rainy. 30 mile loop. Got in a break of 4, 3 miles into the race. Got gapped on the main climb, but chased back on. led out the sprint, but was just too cold & numb. 2nd place.

Bob Herbert SR--5's--TT:3rd place, CR:3rd place, Crit: 4th place, 2nd overall

Joe Martin SR--5's--RR:9th, TT:14th, Crit:1st(attacked from the start, blew the field apart, caught by a group of 6. Attacked with 2 corners to go, won performance of the year) 10th overall

Wichita Riverfest Crit--5's--solo attack last lap, 1st. 4/5's--barely avoided massive pileup in corner. 14th place

Speedwheel Crit--5's--forced winning break of 3, took the uphill sprint by about a tire width.

Queen City Crit--5's--last lap attack. solo victory. 4/5's--missed the break, but got 2nd in field sprint. 7th

HarBer Meadows Crit--4's--unsucessful last lap attack. Field sprint. 16th of 40

OK state Crit--missed the break. Got away from field, but couldn't bridge to break. 6th

Mercy Classic Crit--4's--felt good, but wasn't paying attention, and the bell lap snuck up on me. Impossible to move up on last lap. 20th of 45

Tulsa Wheelmen Thurs Nite Crit series--B race(appx cat4 level). Consistent top ten throughout the summer. 2 wins, and a number of 2nds, 3rds, & 4ths.