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cat races - how does the standard differ??(3 posts)

cat races - how does the standard differ??Rich_Racer
Sep 29, 2003 10:33 AM
So I'm new to racing, and from England. How does the cat standard differ in different countries, or even acroos states of the US? eg. is cat 4 in SoCal the same as Cat 4 in Oxfordshire, England??
You could probably figure it out yourself...shirt
Sep 29, 2003 4:28 PM
by looking at the upgrade requirements from one cat to the next. Also consider the total number of categories; there are 5 in the U.S. How many in the UK? 4? If so, a California Cat-4 race will be much harder than a UK Cat-4 race. A Cat-5 race in the U.S. can range from High Comedy to a workout for the local triathlon pro who doesn't have a license. I assume U.K. Cat-4 is the same.

Regions differ quite a bit in the U.S. A fast Cat-4 field in Northern California will probably be faster than a fast Cat-3 field in... well, pretty much anywhere else. Population and weather seem to have a lot to do with it.
re: cat races - how does the standard differ??oddsos
Sep 30, 2003 12:56 AM
Hiya Rich

I'm from the UK as well. I've been following the discussions on this forum for a while and I think I've got a rough idea of how the categories line up between the US and UK now.

US 5th cat is equivalent to UK 4th.

US 4th cat is a little higher than UK 4th cat. There is no requirement to win any events to upgrade to 4th cat in the US. You just have to start 10 races. On the other hand if you haven't managed to pick up a few points in 10 4th cat races I'd imagine it would get pretty demoralising.

A US 3rd Cat is midway between UK third cat and second cat and from there on the categories are pretty similar. For example upgrading from 2nd to 1st means you have to win at least 3x80 mile road races in US or 4x80 mile road races in UK

There is no experience requirement to progress categories in the UK, however it is very difficult to get the points you need to upgrade without a certain amount of race experience. In the US upgrades are not automatic, but are at the discretion of the local USA Cycling reps.

I hope this helps