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Sep 18, 2003 11:48 AM
I raced near San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and was really struck by the attitudes of the racers. This is nothing new of course, but it really bothered me this time.

As I waited in the long registration line all I heard anyone saying was what a bunch of idiots and greedy bastards the promoters were because we had these long slow moving lines which caused the start times to be delayed by about 30 minutes.

One incident really summed up the situation. This guy says to his buddy, "This line has not moved in like an hour. I cannot believe what a crappy job these guys do!"

"I know," says his buddy, "It's all about trying to get every last dollar out of us they can."

Then this guy comes up to our line of about 30 guys with a clipboard in hand. "Raise your hand if you preregistered," he says. Four of the guys raised their hands and neither of the two whining idiots had preregistered.

Are we racers a bunch of self absorbed, moronic, cry babies who only care about what everyone else can do for us?

We are! Away from the races too many of us throw my Gu packets on the side of the road, ride in the middle of the boulevard at 20 mph, flip off some old lady that almost pulls out in front of us and then complain about how no one gives us cyclists any respect.

The responsible riders and racers need to speak up a little more and hold these idiots who are bent on ruining our sport accountable.
One question would have shut them up real fast...biknben
Sep 18, 2003 12:01 PM
Ask them how many times they've sat on the other side of the table. I have to admit I haven't done it myself but I'm thankful for those who do. It's typically a thankless job.

I do a fair amount of organized trail work. It's the same thing there. Someone's always b!tchin about trail conditions. When you let them know when the next TM day is they are like "Fuk Dat!!!"

I pre-reg. for races that I know I'll be doing regardless of weather. I also pre-reg if I know I'll get banged with a late fee. If I don't pre-reg, I just try to show up early and suck it up.
If those idiots think that promoting and running localNo_sprint
Sep 18, 2003 2:08 PM
crits makes those organizers money, they're far more stupid than most.

Even in SoCal where the racing is Feb. to Sept. and many fields are huge, the organizers do it for the love of the sport and not to line their pockets. It's a hobby for most and they all have jobs.

I've told one of those *huffer and puffer motherf#$kers* the same thing before. "Hey dude, if you're in such a d@mn hurry, pre-register, either way, shut the h#ll up".

My team puts one on head to toe. Nobody makes a penny. In fact we wouldn't be able to run it without the help of title sponsors, period.
preaching to the choir (in my case at least)lonefrontranger
Sep 18, 2003 4:04 PM
This is exactly why I moved to Colorado and swore off race promotion. I still get suckered into running registration far more often than I'd like, if only because I have that typical female reaction of "Oh, jeez, give me that..." when people screw it up.

There is a sane and efficient way to do lots of throughput on raceday. That being said, I still agree 100% that 99.67% of bike racers are selfish, arrogant morons. Hell, we take PRIDE in how stupid we are, else why would we race 'cross or Mt. Evans or the local Whatever-Roubaix race every freaking year? Even the neighbor's dog has finally learned not to play with skunks...
In defense of the clownsshirt
Sep 18, 2003 7:50 PM
In many of the races in our area (NorCal), there IS not preregistration line. If there's no way of avoiding the lines, what's the incentive?

The lines themselves are frequently totally out of control, especially with road races where all cats start in the morning. Because of the structure of our NCNCA/USCF unit, the organizing club is usually the one to man the tables. There is no organization at the tables because nobody's done it before. If the Very Large Promoter that we all know here did all of the registration, our entry fees would go way up.

However, I believe that Very Large Promoter could put together a better binder with procedures and rules for running registration. This would come with cat signs to hang in the same order every time, suggested table organization, etc. Then over time, all registations would look pretty much the same and start functioning better.

The 99% number given above isn't fair; it's maybe 50/50. The jerks are just the ones who stick out.

Finally, don't forget that the bay area is the home of the organized disenfranchised, and even if you're a well-paid DeRosa pedaling tattoo-boy, it would be considered unseemly to appear too gracious or not have something cutting to say in line.

And speaking of preregistrationMcAndrus
Sep 19, 2003 9:01 AM
Exactly what is the benefit supposed to be for the racer? Here in the Southeast I haven't seen any separate lines. I preregistered a few times last year and in each instance I still had to stand in line and still had to fill out the waiver. Maybe I saved a couple of late fees.

This year I've registered on race day every time. If I saw a benefit I'd preregister but I don't.
In my area...No_sprint
Sep 19, 2003 10:26 AM
There is a late fee imposed on anyone not pre-reg'd. It is typically $5. There is almost always a pre-reg line too.

Once again, this is my location. YMMV.
Gosh! I wish we had linesbimini
Sep 19, 2003 5:00 AM
Here in the middle of the Midwest it is tough to get a good turnout and field for a race (just not that many people and bike racers around). A lot of races are small 25 bike affairs with everyone racing together.

At a money race with seperate catagories the fields are too small to make for a great race. Or, they have only two fields, Pro + Cat 1,2 and then a seperate race for everyone else.

We still have our self absorbed types, they don't complain about the lines but they always find something to complain about. I think the nature of any type of racing sport attracts the egotistical, self-centered types. Something has to be driving a person through the pain, risks, dangers and expense of the sport. So A**hole racers should not be a real surprise.

Next time you hear them complaining about the line you might say, "great turnout, should be a good race."
We always have separate lines.MR_GRUMPY
Sep 19, 2003 11:42 AM
The only races that I might not pre-reg for, are a few TT's.