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next question: Dream plus vs Talon SL?(3 posts)

next question: Dream plus vs Talon SL?weiwentg
Sep 18, 2003 5:47 AM
I haven't definitively decided on a new bike, by any means. but I note that Competitive Cyclist is blowing out their dream plus frames for almost obscenely cheap prices. they have my size. and they have the color scheme that I've been lusting for forever (RX1, if anyone's interested).
in my size, both the Dream and the Talon have a steep seat angle, which is what I need. I will end up with an 11cm stem on both bikes. I do not see that fit will be a problem. weight is not a problem on either bike - in my size, they will both be quite light.
my problem is this. I want to do some duathlons, and I like getting in breaks in road races. given that, I should be getting something a bit more aero. given that, I should get the Talon. except that a) the best price I can find is $1499, compared to $999 for the Dream (plus a bit more for a fork and b) I lust for a Colnago. the Talon is damn sexy as well, but as I said, I lust for a Colnago.
what would you do? LFR, you got me into this, so you'd better answer.
re: next question: Dream plus vs Talon SL?Dream plus
Sep 23, 2003 8:16 AM
I own a Dream Plus and I love the ride. I love the fit. I love the paintjob (AD10). I love the parts ( Campy Chorus/Record mix with Nucleon wheels ). I think I don't love the warranty since I see 3 little cracks in the paint on the headtube. I'm afraid to pull the fork to look inside. Totalcycling has Dream Plus (Columbus Airplane )frames for @$800 ( non B-stay ). It's probably cheaper than repair and repaint.
if you lust for the 'nag, get itlonefrontranger
Sep 27, 2003 6:33 AM
I'm not going to convince you to get all passionate about the Talon. If you get it, you'll probably continue to second guess yourself even just in the back of your mind. Now that I have a Colnago, I'm content. No, it didn't make me any faster but that's not what it's about.

Both my 'Nags, road and 'cross, are tremendous dude magnets. Not that you care about that aspect.

My Morgul is aero, and in TT's I have yet to really notice much difference in time between it and the Dream unless there's a crosswind, then it's a negative enhancement.

Warranty may be a concern. I like Ernesto's bikes but wish he'd back the product.

Don't get rid of the TCR if you can help it.