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8 hour endurance raceBianchiBiker
Sep 16, 2003 7:23 PM
Hi, in November I am going to be doing my first ever solo race. I have done a few Triathlons and I am fairly good especially on my bike. I have entered the SUZUKA F1 CIRCUIT 8hr endurance race which is basically who can do the most laps in 8 hours.

Could anyone give me any training tips? I ride every day for about 2 hours, I have done 8 hour rides before but never a race and how will a circuit effect my motivation etc. Thanks for any tips.
Sep 17, 2003 9:53 AM
Suzuka already happened, dude. In August. I believe Cabin Honda won.

Or... maybe this is a copycat bicycle race? If so: cool. Here are some tips from a guy who's never raced a bicycle longer than 4 hours, but has raced a motorcycle for 8:

1) Work up to a weekly ten hour ride before the race.
2) Take the entire week easy before the race.
3) Figure out what your "all day" HR is, and set yourself about 5 beats above that for the first few hours (this would be around 145 for me) Don't let the excitement of the first hour push you into an unstainable zone. Save it for the last 1-2 hours.
4) Drink a lot, but not too much. Make sure you're not drinking too much water on an empty stomach. My preference is a 50/50 Cytomax/Accelerade mix.
5) Keep your muscles warm.
Sep 17, 2003 3:27 PM
Thanks, yes it is a copycat road bike race on November 3rd. Anu suggestions about what to carry, ie food/drink and what to "pit-in" for...... i dont want to stop if I can help it but maybe 8hrs is too long not to.
don't knowshirt
Sep 17, 2003 11:04 PM
Need some feedback here from others on the board who've done these things...

8 hours sounds kind of weird to me. If it were 6, I can't imagine stopping for anything. If it were 10, I'd probably stop for at least one #2. I'm assuming you'll have someone to hand you food, so there's no need to stop for that.

You might want to try cross posting on the endurance racing board over at since those guys are more into endurance races and could give you some better tips: (scroll to bottom)

mmm, not much training advice but i hope it helpshayaku
Sep 25, 2003 11:30 PM
Pepole will be drafting so make sure you're in a possition to draft the leaders. make sure you go with attacks on the hills ecause they tend to stick. The pace will be pretty high for a while at the start but don't worry too much because it'll slow down when the pack thins down.

Try not to take a break until you are the leader and get time checks before hand if possible. Organisation and planning will do more for you than anything else.

If you haven't raced the Suzuka circuit before, be aware that the finishing strait climb is longer than it looks and gets steeper at the end. The S bend at the top needs a bit of reserves. Also, when drafting be aware of where the wind is coming from. You can save a lot of energy at Suzuka by drafting from the correct possition.

As far as nutrition goes, personally I need solid food for anything near that length. keep up with energy gels and anything else you usually use during training. November is pretty close but go for some long rides to gain experience about how you'll go over such a long time.

good luck!
helpful websiteDougSloan
Sep 26, 2003 7:28 PM