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My Streak has Ended!(6 posts)

My Streak has Ended!Dream plus
Sep 15, 2003 8:15 AM streak of races with no crashes, that is. Yesterday was the first race I've ever raced in where i know crashes occured. That is with one caveat - where I know they occured. Apparently there were two crashes yeaterday in the Washington Township Cat4/5 race I was in, but honestly I didn't see them.
This is my first year road racing and I've raced a mix of Cat5, Cat4/5, 35+, 40+ and 45+ races and as far as I know none had crashes as part of them until yesterday. I was hoping to make my 10 races this year without breaking that streak.
re: My Streak has Ended!R600DuraAce
Sep 15, 2003 8:27 AM
Same here. I have done 9 races so far and no crashes. I am an aggressive rider too but I have always been in the right time and right position to avoid most crashes. Is gonna hurt when it will happen. :-)
I'm confused...biknben
Sep 15, 2003 11:47 AM
Were you involved in a crash? I'd say about 30% or more of the races I've been in had a crash. I've been lucky. Only minor fender benders for me.

I live in Washington. I've lived there for 4 years but have yet to do that race. It has always conflicted with my schedule.

I guess they finished the construction on the course? They've been working on it all summer.
I'm confused...Dream plus
Sep 16, 2003 4:53 AM
No... I mean that there had been ZERO crashes in any of the races I've done up until last weekend. Not me, not anybody.
Last weekend the race was in Washington Township NJ. Apparently there were crashes in the 1st corner, 1st lap, but I didn't see or hear them as they happened behind me. There were crashes in the last corner last lap too but I didn't see them either because I was trying to sprint. ( my sprint is pathetic, but I was passing people for the 1st time last weekend ).
My teammate was using this race for cyclocross training, so we could have fun. We tried a bunch of attacks, but I went out first on the first lap and got through all the corners safely. I didn't get far so I waited for another chance. I got a gap with another rider and we worked for a few minutes before getting caught. After I got caught, my teammate attacked. He was out for a lap with a guy who refused to work, and I stayed at the front and tried to control things. One guy tried to bridge and I got on his wheel. He motioned for me to pull through so I told him "no that's my teammate" He sat up and we got caught again.
Then another teammate started chasing - pulling the pack?! I think he was moving up for the $5 prime. I told him who was up the road but he pulled us up anyway. Once we caught the break I attacked again, and ended up leading out the sprint for the guy who chased down his own teamate. He lost by half a wheel.
I had to recover big time after that. The last few laps I just tried to stay near the front without working much. My teammate tried to get loose again but the pack was pretty agitated by then. On the last lap, one team was moving their sprinter up so I just followed them. There was an S turn before the finishing straight with some painted lines that were slippery. Some guys went down there too, but I was through on the inside by then.
The sprinter whose team I followed to the straight mistimed the sprint and his whole team sat up and everyone had to go around them!
My teamate got 4th and I think I was around 15th.
Unfortunately I don't have your luckbimini
Sep 16, 2003 10:10 AM
I'm new to racing this year also. I've done 3 road races this year. All three had a crash, one had three seperate crashes.

In the first race (100 bikes - all categories)there was a nasty crash 2 miles into the race by the leaders. Someone tried to block and the leaders got tangled up. I hung back, being my first race, and only saw the aftermath of the wreck. I think there were 12 taken out in this wreck.

My second race (120 bikes cat3,4,5) had three wrecks. It was a flat course so the peleton was huge, 4 to 6 bikes across and everyone trying to work upward in the field. Had to pedal and brake, pedal & brake. I heard there was a 10+ bike pileup 7 miles into the race. It must of been behind me, I know it was not in front of me. I got caught up in the second wreck. It occured right in front of me. Saw a bike fly 6 feet up into the air. Bikes and people sliding around all over the course. Saw one poor guy laying in the road moaning. I headed off to the right away from the carnage and endup in the ditch without falling or hitting anyone. Dropped a chain but did not get up and running fast enought to catch back up with the Peleton. Had to run a small paceline with 2 other riders the rest of the race, but we could not catch back up. Being a flat course the peleton was cruising along at 28 MPH and surging at times over that.

I heard that two of the riders in the second wreck were carried off in an ambulences. I also heard there was a third wreck late in the race.

The third race was a small 25 bike race with a mix of Cat 1-5. It was a hilly course, I was happy that I could stay with the lead group of 10 bikes until the last 2 miles. I did drop off once on a long hill with 8 miles to go but was able to catch back up on the downside of the hill. (Pays sometimes not to give up, ). A couple of the Cat 1 rides decided it was time to start racing on the final long hill (they were playing with us up to that point). I got dropped about a 100 yards before the crest. Got to the crest hoping for a downside to catch back up on but S##T it was a plateu. I took it easy the last 2 miles no way to catch up and no one behind that could be seen.

A tragedy happened at the finish line. We were waiting for the last rider. I heard someone say, "Sh#t, he just got ran over". I turned around and saw a guy laying in the middle of the road and yelled "call 911". I knew CPR and checked his pulse and breathing. One of the riders told me his head was ran over by the trailer the truck was pulling. I knew enough not to move him and the 911 operator told us not to touch him. I found out the guys name was Bob. I hung over the top of Bob keeping an eye on his breathing and talking to him until the parametics showed up. I felt real helpless since there was not much I could do except make sure he kept breathing. It felt to me like it took 15 minutes for the parametics to arrive. Then I heard a friend of mine say that was fast it only took 4 minutes. Strange how your sense of time changes during a crisis.

It was a freak accident where you really could not blame anyone, a simple sequence of events that lead of to a tragety for Bob. He did at turnaround after the finish line and was coming back up the road to where we were grouped, he slowed down but could not get unclipped and fell over right in front of a truck. The truck braked and swerved to avoid him but a wheel of the empty trailer he was pulling went over Bob's head.

A couple of weeks later I did find out that Bob survived and was doing "okay" but there were some head injuries. They were not sure if it would be permanent or not, he was going to a rehab clinic that week. It would be a long recovery process if all went well.

I have not done a road race since, but I plan to. I enjoyed all the races but Bob's accident had me questioning how safe the sport is. I did 3 circuit races since and had a good ti
Unfortunately I don't have your luckDream plus
Sep 17, 2003 4:22 AM
Wow! If racing were that scary around here in D20 I'd never race. Cat1-5s on the same course? I'm surprised at that. Most of the lower Cat fields here fill up so we almost always get our own race. Sometimes they combine 4/5s and offer a 3/4 race so that more experienced 4s can race with the 3s.
A number of the races I've done have had closed courses or rolling enclosures preventing the kind of tragedy you described. I guess I've taken it all for granted. I won't anymore. Thanks.