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Labor Day Weekend Race Reports with Pictures and Videos(1 post)

Labor Day Weekend Race Reports with Pictures and Videoslexington476
Sep 2, 2003 6:13 PM
Check out the pictures and videos I took of two races over the Labor Day weekend.

The first was the Tour di Via Italia in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (just across the river from metro Detroit) on August 31, 2003. I saw another post of someone talking about a cat 3/4 race in Canada. I did not race this race, because there were 3s in the field (I am a five and would not stand even a remote chance). If this was the race they were talking about, you might be in one of the pictures. I got pics of all the races.

Also took pictures and videos of the Debaets-DeVos Pro-Am Memorial Race on September 1, 2003 in Detroit, Michigan. I did race the cat five in this one. It was raining so there were only five of us fives; I got fifth; finishing right with them, no gap this time :). Nothing to terrible, almost lost my rear wheel in the third turn on the first lap, but hit some lucky pavement and did not go down. Tried an attack on the first lap (there were only five laps for us) to probe the field. They all stayed with me. Maybe I could have gotten fourth if I had not attacked, who knows, still learning. Rather uneventful, but real fun!

The web site address is:

The links to these two races are right at the top.