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GMSR CRITbikerbob
Sep 1, 2003 5:22 PM
The legs actually felt good after three days of racing. The ten leaders were called to the line and then the rest of the field.This was the 40+, two or three of the leaders still race cat1, so I knew it would be a fast start. It was for those who could get clipped in quickly. it took me too long, as it did seemingly everyone next to me to clip in. by time I was rolling, the lead was 100 yards up the road, never to be seen again. The first two laps were agony, but then I started to feel stronger and gradually picked off a rider or two. Or did they fall off? It was a 24 lap race, with an El congiguration, 5 lefts and a right. Immedialtely after the start is the first turn, over cobblestones, up a slight incline into a sharp left for a block, then the right uphill for a block, left downhill one block left down hill two blocks(300yds?), then left uphill two blocks to the finish. It's a great course with a great sprint finish.
I've done the crit twicwe before, once as citizen, and once as a 4/5. It was never this fast. There were three packs, mine leading up the rear, never to gain on the second pack. We were yanked after 13 laps, the 2nd pack after 14 laps.What I saw of the rest of the race was a fast race. Glen Swan crashed at the first turn, ran back to the pit, got a Mavic service bike, and using his free lap, got back into the race, going back to the front. A piece of great racing though he wasn't happy with his finish.But what was cool was that Swan and his partner blocked for Rick Sorensen who had flatted yesterday and was out of contention for GC. Sorensen got off and won the crit easily. As a relative newcomer it's been fun and also frustrating to watch racing tactics on display. After our race the pro women went off, paced by Rona-Esker and Genvieve Jeansen. She must have been told that this was only a training ride as she didn't lap the field this year. In the pro men's race Mark McCormack and Mark Walters had a 45 lap break out of a 50 lap race, that McCormack won in the sprint. My wife and I were helping marshall the course and were at the second left turn. It was a great place to see the action. It's beyond me how the other 92 riders let those two go for that long. The fitness level of the pro riders and cat1/2 is incredible. They did the 30 mile course in little over an hour. As we marshalled people who were unaware that a bicycle race was taking place would show up and be totally blown away. There's nothing like seeing the pros going full tilt into a turn to get the ooh's and ah's going.
I just started racing three years ago when the GMSR started and I can't rave enough about it. There were over 700 racers in ten categories this year. There is a race for all abilities. The 4/5 sells out early every year, with two races, 32 under, 32 over. There's a state cop at the lead of every field, motorcycle marshalls, Mavic support for some races, and a great atmosphere. I haven't done any other stage races, but this race is the highlight of my season. It's nothing but cycling for four days. My congratulations to the organizers and sponsors of the GMSR for another great event. I urge all of you, to take your vacation next labor day and come to Vermont and enjoy this great race. Info at GMSR.INFO
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re: GMSR CRITSherpa
Sep 1, 2003 6:26 PM
Bob, thanks for all of your encouraging cheers during the Masters 30+ race. I heard you every lap and I really appreciated it. It's amazing what a yell from the crowd will do for your legs.

Keep it safe and I'll see you on the road,

Thanks for the report...biknben
Sep 2, 2003 5:39 AM
I know of the race but never looked at it closely. Thanks for the good report and the link. Hmmmm, I might have to put that one on my schedule next year.

I'm surprised to see the field so small. Cat. 3 only had 40 or so riders.
Cat 3 had over 60 riders ...Sherpa
Sep 2, 2003 12:06 PM
here are the prologue results.