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master of disaster does it again...(8 posts)

master of disaster does it again...weiwentg
Sep 1, 2003 1:42 PM
finding out the hard way that Canadian cat 3s and 4s correspond to US 4s and 5s, I entered a 3/4 race in Windsor, Ontario, with the rest of my club's cat 3 team. complete f(*^ing carnage. a dozen people must've gone down. I pull my first stupid move of the season, and lose my rear tire in a corner. I go down skidding. I get up, curse, and take a free lap. I get into the middle of the field. there is more sketchy handling. I go off the front, in pursuit of a lone breakaway. someone gets on my tail. I motion for him to pull through. he tells me that the other guy is his teammate - tipped his hand there. I slow the pace. he jumps off. I can't hold him. I curse, and drop back to the peloton. I am caught on the finishing straight, before the first corner (site of most of the crashes thus far). someone goes down in the middle of the turn. I swerve inside to avoid him. someone else comes skidding into my line. I hit him and am catapulted forward. I land hard and scamper off to the side. my left shoulder hurts. I feel it. something is jutting out.
someone once compared me to Tyler Hamilton.
the break is not severe enough to require surgery, but it is a "nice" break, in the words of the doctor's assistant who treated me. the orthopods will follow me up. I am out for at least 6 weeks (my estimate, not their's). I am lucky that it wasn't the same collarbone I broke last season, the one which still has a steel plate and 9 screws in it. now THAT would be a mess.
if anyone wants to buy a small Giant TCR frame for very cheap, give me a holler. there is a very small dent in the downtube, and there is a quarter-sized dent in the top tube. also, the frame may be jinxed. but I'm not asking for very much.
re: master of disaster does it again...biggearlover
Sep 1, 2003 2:21 PM
First I read your report + pics of the Tour of Toona (great), now this! I feel for you. From my own experience (twice the same collarbone) it could actually heal a little quicker. 3-4 weeks the bone is joined, 6 weeks should give it strength. So if you feel like taking chances? Out on the bike after 4 weeks (carefully maybe, that's what I did, just to keep that little bit of tension in my legs)!
At any rate, you could be on your stationary trainer very soon.
Don't take this as professional advice, please!
All the best, don't get too bored not cycling.
you need another sportishmael
Sep 1, 2003 4:46 PM
Running is safe, not as exciting though. What else is there that satisfies the same urges but not quite as dangerous? Nothing. Maybe you can slip into the 40+ next season, there supposedly reasonably safe.

I went to Millionaires row this weekend but decided not to do the crit after the scary crashes that were too close to me last year. I cant believe how people take all these crashes so casually. Youre lucky your noodles weren't stired.
geez, sorry to hear thatlonefrontranger
Sep 1, 2003 5:55 PM
But look at it this way: the season's pretty much over and this will at least *force* you to take an effective rest. It could have been much worse: my teammate broke hers and had to have surgery in early April. She missed 2 of her key focus events (stage races) and was barely fit in time for the bulk of our big events (May / June).

I had full separation and they were touch-and-go whether to operate on mine. I was back on the bike (being very careful) at 21 days, and raced at 28 days, though your results may vary.

Good news: if you've now broken both, then they will be harder to break in the future.

Sorry to hear about the TCR. If the damage is as minimal as you say, then it's still a perfect candidate for a crit / carnage bike. This gives you an excuse to get something you really dig for stage racing and special stuff. Yeah, I know you're a BAP college student and all that, but ve haf our vays, no? I kept the Morgul for a rain / beater / TT / backup bike and ride it a fair bit. I don't love it the way I love the 'nag, but it's a great bike and there's no way I'd sell it. Not only would I never get what it's worth, but then I'd be out a backup if (god forbid) something happened to the 'nag. I raced a 'cross bike as my primary bike for an entire season due getting my main ride totalled; it's not a scenario I ever care to revisit. Anyways, it's not the bike's fault everyone else is a goober.

By the way the 3s in Colorado somehow seem to crash more than the 4s do. And I've seen some real doozy pileups in Pro/1/2 at NCS events. Category has very little to do with how many risks the field decide to take at any given event.

Oh, yeah - the important question: right or left? If it's your right, then 'cross is definitely going to be a miss this year. I don't care how you pad that skinsuit, your CB ain't gonna like it. It's the lifting hurts worse than shouldering even.
left CBweiwentg
Sep 2, 2003 12:41 PM
it's the left that's broken, and my right hand is dominant. I'll definitely do cross as soon as I can run without serious discomfort; I really wanted to do well this season. hopefully it will heal faster than 6 weeks. I certainly hope they'll be harder to break, too - I have no intention of setting any kind of record.

ishmael, I'm seriously considering multisport :) at the very least, I'm going to start out very slow with the crits next year. chances are I'm not going to do that particular crit again (at least one teammate has concurred).

I had a date lined up for this week, which I hope is still on. someone once told me chicks dig scars...
don't worry weilonefrontranger
Sep 2, 2003 8:31 PM
If she's a 'keeper' she'll be both intrigued and sympathetic about the CB. If she gives you the push, send her my way and I'll straighten her right out... ;)

good luck and heal quickly!
Get better, I missed that race, Canadian Cat 3 is a grand mix...Spunout
Sep 2, 2003 3:49 AM
In Ontario anyways, Cat 3 are all newbies, Cat 2s retiring, and a whole bunch of sandbaggers on big teams (Multilazer and Cyclepath) who switch to domestique roles once they get 9 upgrade points (avoiding the dreaded 10th point). So yes, the 3 races can be fast and unsafe. I've heard that the Pro/1/2 peleton differs tactically, safety, but the speeds can be similar.

We really only have two elite fields, Pro/1/2 and 3s.
Sorry, dude. Feel better. It hurts to get hurt. nmbill
Sep 2, 2003 12:38 PM