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CTS uniformsSherpa
Aug 31, 2003 12:42 PM
I'm competing in the GMSR and I've seen a bunch of CTS uniforms floating around. I've meaning to introduce myself to one of them and to learn more about who they represent, but it seems the timing is never right (you know, warm-ups, bathroom, getting to the line, etc). Who gets to where a CTS uniform. Is there defined "team" ... or are these CTS clients? Just curious.

re: CTS uniformsCARBON110
Sep 1, 2003 12:04 PM
Hows the race going? What cat are you racing? We never got together in VT. I will be there in October, wanna do some riding if you can get away from the family? Fill me in on the race since you know I know it as well as any :D Where did the field split on day the bottom of the Middlbury gap going down or coming up? Did you race the Cervelo? You can get a CTS uniform if you work with them, not sure if you can just buy them outright. No they dont have a team. Theres a ton of them here in the south too. I keep telling Joe Friel to get some Training Bible uniforms and call them TB.COM
re: CTS uniformsSherpa
Sep 1, 2003 6:20 PM
Carbon110, good to hear from ya! Yeah, it was a hectic late-summer and getting training in was ala combat ... as in, any chance I got - I took it. We had some family health issues that made home life a bit complicated, but overall I was very happy to get the hours on the bike that I did and managed to also sneak in a couple of gap rides, some TTs, and some local crits - in the big scheme, much better than last season.

As a "4" I got my toe wet in the master circuit and loved the whole gig. Excellent pace, good handling, team tactics galore, the whole thing was a major eye opener in contrast to the 4/5s. I raced the masters 30+ for GMSR and I'm happy to say I survived. The hill climb was brisk, and a separation occured around the mad river parking lot and I wasn't part of it, sort of dissappointing but it was only day one - I finished 27th and eeked out some points. It rained a bunch. The circuit race was interesting. On the second lap I got off the front with another rider, and a third bridged up (he eventually soloed to win - wow!). We got the sprint points and my companions hammered on as I agonized over what I had in the tank and wondering if I was being stupid to light so many matches so early. After 5 miles in no-man's land I folded back in with the main field and survived the crazed bunch sprint (finished 26th). The crown jewel (stage 2) was as expected a tough day in the saddle and made much worse because I had to pee from mile 1. Nothing like thinking about one's bladder for 3 hours to take the fun out of a race. Yes, a lead group about perhaps 10 (?) got away with the KOM on Middlebury Gap (they jumped around 1.5 km to the summit). I got in the chace (which I almost missed, but after hitting 55 mph, I got on) behind them and team tactics took over. We were fairly disorganized and folks just didn't have much interest in trying, though some did. And then the teams covered attacks and sat on the front a bunch. We were racing essentially for 11th place at that point. At the foot of baby gap, about a third of the group went up the road and got about 30 seconds on the field. I was hell bent to reel them in and lead the chace. We caught them at Jerusalem and we all hit the base of the AppGap together - from there, it was all about heart rate and energy in the legs, I finished 21st - I think. The weather was awesome. The views from AppGap georgeous and Dick Ring was doing what he does best - really hard to beat. Oh yeah, the dirt section had a LOT of victims. Mavic support told me, they changed over 30 wheels. They were wiped out at the end of the race.

Today, the crit was a gas - fast, furious, with perfect conditions for a bike race. I was damn neverous because I got pulled from last year's crit and spent an entire year crying about it - so I had some make-up to get done. Two guys got a way right off the bat, and were never caught. I stayed in the front half of the field and was happy to stay out of trouble for the 30 laps. The sprint up Main Street paid off for me as I picked off a bunch of riders and came in 13th (which really had no impact on points, but hell it was fun), and I took 19th in the GC. I'm ready to do it again.

I'm racing the Cervelo now and really enjoy the ride. It's a great all around bike. I'm hoping to set it up with DA 10 for next season and perhaps upgrade to another wheelset - aero wheel perhaps, we'll see.

How 'bout you? I heard you were riding a bunch, are you able to compete yet? Talk to you soon, R.
re: CTS uniformsCARBON110
Sep 1, 2003 9:21 PM
WHOA ! I could see the whole thing ! Great vivid description and congrads on your performance! I am riding my butt off and lifting weights on an early build up for next season. I could race now but ti would be pointless. So I have been building alot of musscle and I will be about 5lbs lighter then last year. That should make me climb faster! I am all about working my legs and doing on the bike strength and epic scenic rides around NC. I am comparing my power to this spring and looking to beat my numbers. Having fun and I will do some local crits but thats it. I really missed the GMSR alot. Its such a great race. Id love to get together with you this fall. I hope your family is well and lets stay in touch. I will be in VT in Oct for about 2 weeks. A week before I go to SF and a week after. I am totally flexible about time so I can work aroound you. I would prefer not to do Burlington rides and I would love to hit the gaps!
re: CTS uniformsBurtonSpeedy
Sep 2, 2003 2:46 PM

Nice report! So are you going to at least turn the pedals before April next year? Think of the possibilities. Time to hit my basement for some trainer work this winter.

CTS sponsors an elite masters team. They used to sponsor itbill
Sep 2, 2003 6:23 AM
with, of all people, a bike shop in NJ called Cranford Bike Shop. You don't see too much of them, I think, out of the NE, but I knew a woman who had been on the team for awhile; she now races for Colavita-Bolla.
Well, at least they used to . . . . I can't find the links, anybill
Sep 2, 2003 6:37 AM
they were in brooklyn last weekend, too.rrjc5488
Sep 2, 2003 7:05 AM
At the blistered butt road race... I'll have the race report once my mom gets a few pictures developed.