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Columbus InMotion Amature Crit report(3 posts)

Columbus InMotion Amature Crit reportniteschaos
Aug 31, 2003 8:21 AM
Saturday morning they held the semifinals for cats 4,3,2 and masters 35+. The course was 1km long and simple with four 90 degree turns. The turns were very rough, filled with potholes and pavement strips. I caught air a few times. The Cat 4 semi-final (my race) was filled with bumping shoulders and handlebars due to wild exit lines, yet no crashes (a first for me). Top 20 from the Cat 4 would go into the mixed-Cat royal rumble later that afternoon. I was that 20th position.

The final ended up being a johnson-measuring contest between the "Uber Cats." I spent as much time out of the saddle as in. I trained this summer with the higher cats in a crit setting (Marietta Crit on Tuesdays for one) and I was used to having to stand on the corners just to keep up. Alot of my Cat 4 bretheren were caught off gaurd and ended up making a hasty retreat off the back to be pulled by the officials. Not only were the "Uber Cats" trying to get "those damn twitchy Fours" out of the race, but there were 10 fifty-dollar primes to keep the pace going. To top it off, this was also my first day racing as a Four. Today was also the first time I looked back to see no one behind me but the official on his motorbike with his "You're outta here" whistle in his mouth. That scared me up into the field more securely. With 10 minutes to go I had handlebar palsy, a cramping right calf, blurred vision, and bent hoods from the impact of the corner potholes. I also knew that everyone else was in the same amount of pain and all I had to do was just outlast them. Coming into the last turn it seemed as if everyone had given up that wasn't involved in the sprint for the top 10, so I gunned it! I passed over a dozen people in the last 100 meters!! Not bad for sprinting with only one leg. I went from almost going out too easy and not making the final, to being one of the few Cat 4s that completed the final. I felt this was a great way to end my season.

The outside of my left ankle has been acting funny when I walk barefooted so I think now is a good time to end my racing season. (Most likely I'll just take a break from hard training and try to hit up some races in a month.)
re: Columbus InMotion Amature Crit reportflyinbowlofmilk
Aug 31, 2003 5:53 PM
Bravo,niteschaos. It's nice to hear you did good in your debut as a Cat4 racer. That proabably the best thing to do consdering that it was you last race of the season.So how did you place in the Final crit? Right now my season will not come to a end until the middle of October. And congradulations of your finish. Awesome race report. Maybe sometime next year you will hear me tell that I moved up to Cat 4. Right now for me I am starting to make my way to finishing in the top 10. And again Congradulations.


re: Columbus InMotion Amature Crit reportSadlebred
Sep 2, 2003 7:41 AM
Good job Nite! I was there to watch the Amateur finals crit. It was pretty exciting. A Master's National Champion won. A couple of Atlanta guys (namely Tony Scott) tried to get away but made a good showing in the final sprint.

Are you doing the Marietta Crit tonight?