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Green Mt. Stage racebikerbob
Aug 30, 2003 3:49 PM
I'm racing in the masters 40+ after racing 5's last year and some masters 45+ this year. The prologue was an 8.7 mile race with 7.3 miles of climbing, gaining 1,730 ft.It finished at the top of the Appalchian gap, where it was raining rather hard. The race was controlled till the start of the climb, the first four&1/2 miles the pack stayed together as the climb was relatively benign. Just short of the Mad River Glen Ski Area( "Ski it, if you can") the road pitches sharply, that's where I said goodbye as the lactic acid built up in my thighs. I kept the pack insight for half a mile or so, but the grade offers no relief, and varied from 8% to 12% if not more. I had a cadence I was comfortable with, but coudn't get up and mash them any harder. I had a 39/27 low end on the Klein, but unfortunately the engine wasn't big enough. I came in 31/56 3 minutes back. I felt pretty good considering some of the comp, Glen Swan, 2002 world time trial champ, he came in 9th. And not to be missed is Genvieve Jeansen, Canadian women's champ. She won her race by three minutes. She didn't appear to be laboring at all. Where she gets her power from is a mystery. She couldn't weigh more than 95#.It's great that we're able to see someone of her caliber at our ("less than significant race", Velo news online). Also here is Mark McCormack reigning U.S. pro champ. He's currently in first after two stages.I'll give an update on the circuit race next.
Thanks, Bob