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Winters RR tomorrow, anyone with experience..(9 posts)

Winters RR tomorrow, anyone with experience..Roger2
Aug 22, 2003 10:35 AM
racing there? Any advice? What's the course like? I'm racing the 4s (if it isn't full, if it is I'll be getting shelled in the Master 30+). ;0)

Thanks in advance.
Well, here's a race report for ya.shirt
Aug 25, 2003 11:43 AM

That's the only word I can think of to describe the Senior-3 race on Saturday. It was hands-down the most negative race I've ever been in.

Winters RR is held about 60 miles NE of San Franciso on a ~25 mile loop. It's completely flat with the exception of a 3 mile rolling climb about halfway through the course, followed by a 1 mile twisty descent.

Instead of doing open Masters, I decided to do the S-3 race, thinking it would be a bit easier. Boy, was I right. Immediately after the neutral roll out of town, the bunch attacked... their water bottles. We went 17 MILES AN HOUR for the next 5+ miles. After a while, I lost patience and attacked. Everyone went with me. I turned it up to ~28, held it for a minute or so, pulled off, and everyone slowed down me like it was the freaking sprint!!! I couldn't believe it. To their credit, a few other guys tried this during the entire first lap, with exactly the same results. ASTOUNDING. It was like a devil-take-the-hindmost race.

Beginning the second lap (miles 25-50), another guy went way off the front and nobody chased him. Except me. I caught him, and we started to put a pretty good gap between ourselves and the bunch. Unfortunately, he was only able to maintain ~24 mph during his pulls which I figured wasn't enough. I'd screw it back up to 28, he'd complain about the "changes in pace," then we'd be back to 24 on his pull. When we got to the climb, my break-buddy let me know that he couldn't climb to save his life, but could I please pace him up the hill? No problem (wish I had a stronger partner...) The last pitch was pretty steep, and just before the crest we got caught. Thanks to a couple ex-teammates at the head, they neutralized everybody when we got caught. I was pretty baked.

So we stayed off the front for 8-9 miles, and I did about 3/4 of the work. We probably put about 1k of distance between ourselves and the pack at the most. I couldn't quite tell HOW baked I was, but knew that by the third and final time up the climb I'd find out.

I found out. Halfway up that final pitch I got dropped by the lead group, now down to about ~35 and never got back on again. I hooked up with two other dropees and we got to within 60 seconds of the bunch by the finish (how slow were they going, anyway?)

Our average speed for the race was barely over 23 mph. :-(

Oh, and I should mention that first a small, and then a large break from the Senior-4s caught us in the very first lap, never to be caught again. And consider that they started nearly ten minutes after us!

I think I'm done with Senior-3s. It's back to Master 1,2,3 for me. I'd rather suffer in a real race than suffer with a bunch of clowns. There were even half a dozen teams with half a dozen members each. No excuse... (I had one team mate)

I was in the 4s, total clusterbleeepRoger2
Aug 26, 2003 10:45 AM
when we caught you guys on the second lap. I was in the first group that went by you guys, I was closing my eyes hoping no cars were coming the other way. Us passing you all seemed to spark the groups interest though and by the time we hit the neutral feed on the second lap coming into the rollers before the climb, all hell broke loose! Attacks were going everywhere and it was hard to tell who from who with probably close to 150 riders.

Four or five guys got away from the 4s and the rest of us were racing for scraps.

The rest of the second lap no one in our group would chase and we rode at about 19mph heading into the third lap. We picked it up again along 505 and caught your group again at about the same place. We all came to a consensus and forced others into agreement that we would let you guys roll away and we'd ride neutral to the feedzone. That worked out well, but because we caught you all again, we had your support cars behind us. I got tailed off the group on the third lap and right before the summit of the climb a woman in a volvo and a guy in a silver toyota truck thought it would be a good idea to pass me right before the descent??!?! I couldn't get around them until the last straightaway and was never able to catch back on. Not even sure where I finished 30th something. I wish the interference with the cars wouldn't have happened, but I need to climb better to not let things like that happen. Oh well, live and learn. For the most part I really liked the course and enjoyed the race.

Huge turnout.
BTW, Wohlberg's win in the Pro/1/2 raceshirt
Aug 25, 2003 11:49 AM
was pretty damn impressive, if you saw it. Arm in a cast, simply powering away from the HealthNet and Sierra Nevada guy who were trying to sprint past him. Amazing.
Wohlberg was even more impressive at Corral HollowThe Human G-Nome
Aug 26, 2003 3:23 PM
everyone knew he would win well before the race even started and it wasn't even close.
re: Corral HollowJAishima
Aug 27, 2003 9:02 AM
Were you at that race?
I did the cat 5b race, there were only 10 of us at the beginning, I got dropped on the first lap, at the false summit (before the real top of the pass). Ended up passing one other guy from my race about 2 miles from the finish for 7th, but it was about 40 miles of "Just keep going, it'll be a nice time trial" type day. 5b's results never did get posted...
ya, i'm just a 5The Human G-Nome
Aug 28, 2003 2:09 PM
did the 5A race and finished 10th. you'll know my name by looking at the results. i had all sorts of problems that day, cramping and dehydration being the worst. felt lucky to do that well really. i cramped horribly at the foot of the second climb up patterson and got dropped by my bunch. once the cramps went away, i caught 3 of the people who had dropped me by the end of the climb and that really put me in no man's land as well, TTing it through the last 15 miles.
Just a five!?!?!?Roger2
Aug 29, 2003 6:57 AM
Note that I'm joking ;0)

That's a great result at Corral Hollow, what a painful race! I did it last year and I didn't expect that climb to be like that nor the headwind up it (Says alot about preriding). I remember coming around the corner and looking up at that double kick that leads to the summit and mentally giving in to it and I immediately got tailed off. Once you get dropped, you're in no mans land for sure. That back half once you cross the freeway is so fast, there's no catching back up. Very hard race.
ReligionThe Human G-Nome
Aug 31, 2003 9:58 AM
ya, that false top is called "Religion" because someone spraypainted




right at the crest of it and then you look up and repeat those words. it was a fun race and it actually suits my style since i'm not going to be the one establishing very many breaks on the flats. i felt really, really strong on the first climb, but that's before the cramping and dehydration completely set in. i made the mistake of filling both my bottles with Accelerade (because i'm in cold weather so often) and the last half of the second bottle felt like drinking straight sand because it was so hot out. i am a 5 afterall, so i'm still allowed to make stupid miatakes like that... just not twice.