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what's good food and drink for racing, and some rules questions(3 posts)

what's good food and drink for racing, and some rules questionsishmael
Aug 22, 2003 5:35 AM
I've heard there are some good things for avoiding cramps: potasium, quinine (which is found in club soda), and baking soda. What do you know about these or other foods or drinks that can benefit a performance.

HOw much water is best to take in during a sixty mile race? A 9 mile timetrial? What about mixing sugars or charbohydrates with the water? When and how much to take in?

Cocaine? It seems to help with some examples physical endurance, and boost moral too I'd imagine, why not bike racing? I think they used to use speed in the olden days and then there's Simoni. (Dont plan on it just interested)

Marijuana? I'm serious. I've heard of a strong Cat.2 that used to smoke before every race.

What would be the downside to drinking a Guiness halfway through a 60 mile race? Could you get disqualified for drinking or drinking too much? How bout lighting up a joint when you get to the front for a pull?

do they really inforce the jersey must have sleaves rule?

wondering how best to perform and also the extent of the rules
What do you normally USE?TWD
Aug 22, 2003 12:06 PM
So, what do you normally eat, drink, smoke, shoot up, or snort on your training rides?

I think it is generally good advice to stick with what works for you in training. Use your higher intensity training rides to test out what food and drink your body tollerates.

I find that trying new things immediately before or during races usually leads to poor results.

How much water to take? Can't answer that, it's too much of an individual thing. I know guys that drink mabye 1/3 to 1/2 the amount that I do when riding and racing, and also know some that drink lots more. Depends too much on conditions (temp, humidity etc..). Also depends on whether there is a feed zone and if you have somebody hand up a bottle or two.

As for your other questions, I will answer as follows.

Cocaine......yeah sure give it a try. You'll be addicted shortly and will soon have to pawn off your bike to the local dealer. Don't think I care to race against somebody who is all hopped up on crack.

Pot? Go for it!....smoke lots and lots of pot, as much of it as you can afford. Pretty soon you will kill the rest of your brain cells and you'll probably find it more enjoyable to sit at home on the couch and stare at the wall and giggle at things that really aren't funny. Besides, you won't have any money left for entry fees.

Ecstasy? Sure it's a party drug, but it's done wonders for Jan Ullrichs career.

LSD? That's the ticket. Hallucinations galore. You'll probably crash out during warmups.

Guiness? I'm not much of a beer drinker (can't stand the stuff personally). I think cold beer tastes nasty. I can't even imagine how nasty beer would taste in your water bottle 30 miles into a race. MMMM, WARM BEER!

Sleeveless Jersey? Don't even waste your time. Just show up wearing a thong. I don't think I've seen any rules against that. And since Thong Man has passed away, you'll have a monopoly on the fashion. You'll be famous.

Tell ya what. Why don't you try all of these things at your next race, then report back and tell us how it goes.
What do you normally USE?ishmael
Aug 22, 2003 2:32 PM
I heard drugs are bad for you, but I was wondering what the affects of it and other drugs on the body were. Warm beer is only nice if it's not crappy.

Simple (legal) things like drinking enough water and eating enough so as not to go hungry are simple enough, but I'm sure the advice given to someone such as Armstong is more complicated. I read an article in Some euro cycle magazine that there is a lot of medical spending in Armstrong's party.