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how to prepare for a race?ishmael
Aug 22, 2003 5:17 AM
I was thinking I'd beat myself up till a week before the race and then I'd just do the same amount of time in the saddle but slowly for the last week. So now it's about ten days away, what do you think? How much time of complete rest(barely riding) is best?
No, don't do that!Dwayne Barry
Aug 22, 2003 6:21 AM
You can quantify your weekly cycling in three domains; Frequency (# times you ride per week), Volume (total time in the saddle), Intensity (how ever you quantify it).

To taper for a race you want to decrease the volume the most, the frequency the least, and the (high) intensity somewhere in between. Probably a good idea to take off or just spin a little bit 2 days before the race, and then day before do a short ride with some LT time and a few sprints.
Knock yourself out and see what happens.hrv
Aug 22, 2003 8:02 AM
There's dozens of training methods out there but you'll need to find out for yourself what works. Your method might work for you so give it a try, but you probably want to leave in some intensity for the week before to keep things primed. Next week do some intervals but keep them short, and like DB said, try resting 2 days before and putting in a few efforts the day before. Don't forget good rest,hydration, and nutrition, and allowing enough time for a good warm up before the start, and extra time for the "what if's".

Expecting a full report!

just hyperventilate into a paper bag for 5 min before race (nm)shirt
Aug 22, 2003 8:08 AM
Cut volume. Maintain Intensity.Jon Billheimer
Aug 22, 2003 10:35 AM
For the balance of this week I'd cut my planned mileage in half. Race week, cut your normal volume by 60% or so, including a day off 5 days prior to race, then as suggested, 2 days prior to the race. For two of your riding days, include some short, but intense intervals but allocate about half the time to intervals during the workout that you ordinarily would do. In other words, if you'd normally do about 20 min. worth of intervals, cut that to 10 min. Keep all other riding time in the very, very easy recovery range. Again, as suggested, the day before your race do a couple of short (5 min.) intervals at "easy" race pace, about 75% max power but real high cadence. That will "open up" your legs without fatiguing them too much.

This is a routine suggested to me by a friend who's a nationally ranked racer and time triallist. It's worked for me, and is consistent with current literature on tapering. If you do it right you'll be raring to go and literally crawling the walls!:)-
What if you race 3x a month?willin
Aug 23, 2003 6:15 AM
Ive always been confused with all this...we build the base and power during off season, and in S Florida the best Cat 3 and/or masters 35+ racers are riding 250-300 miles a week at this time.

Then during the eason they are still riding big miles--250 maybe but at 55-65%.

Then folks talk about ramping up intensity and backing off milage, which makes sense, which makes sense, but if we taper for every race we end up losing our base as those taper weeks would only be 70 miles of riding...

Then the final answer for training is the all- existential "do what works for you". As a 44 year old rider racing masters 35-44 and Cat 4/5 (the latter is much easier) with only two years recent riding experience, it is frustrating to be inconsistent in my trainibng and thgerefore in teh racing, as I have yet to find out "what works for me".

So a specific question for you folks: I have 6500 miles this year, about 4000 miles year before. Big week is 215 miles, small week 120. Two-three weeks on, 7-10 days at reduced trainging. I am riding 2-3 40-50 mile rides at 60-75% which actually is a lot of work on my legs, more so than the aeorbic system. These rides on the flats, no wind are at 22 mph or so. One of these rides includes hooking up with the local hammer training ride on Wed mornings for a 25 minute hard race-like ride at 85-98%, then Sundays racing or riding a 50 mile 75-90% hard long group ride.

Is this too much, not enough, what do you think. I am yo-yoing on my race consistency and feel I have not yet dialed in a training format that makes sense.

Id appreciate any comments/critiques.

FWIWJon Billheimer
Aug 23, 2003 9:37 AM
If you don't prioritize your races I'd suggest adopting a schedule of reduced mileage that allows you to recover sufficiently between races, but maintain enough race intensity training to keep you sharp. Your non-racing week of the would logically be your R & R week.

If you have a priority race or two, then the week or ten days prior you would begin a race taper so your body can rest and overcompensate for your target race.