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to race or not to race?(4 posts)

to race or not to race?soulsurfer104
Aug 17, 2003 7:02 PM
i have just been riding for about 8 months now but a few people have told me that i should start competing. how do you know when you are fast enough to start a race and not get annihilated? i'm 16 and a few weeks ago i rode 50 miles in 2:59:46. i am 6'0" and 136 lbs. can someone help me out here? suggestions about training, nutrition, energy gels/drinks, etc., would also be welcome. thanks.
re: to race or not to race?BeeCharmer
Aug 18, 2003 6:32 AM
I think you're ready to race when you push your bike up to the starting line. Most of my experienced, well-trained racer friends always feel like they could have done more before the race starts, and you will, too. The important thing is to consider each race as a learning experience. Try to do your best and accept your best for what it is now as a newbie. Racing for me is about pushing my limits and growing physically and mentally. Guys that have their ego completely on the line and get blown away in their first races seem to hang up the cleats and miss on the whole experience. Stick to a local race and do your best. Then spend the winter training to do better.


ne iowa
give it a tryDougSloan
Aug 18, 2003 7:43 AM
Worst thing that likely will happen is that you will suffer horribly, puke your guts out, pray for death, get dropped, be humiliated, and then train your butt off to get faster. You'll never know unless you try.

Do a lot of group rides with racers before, though, if you can. You'll learn about racing and be tested before a race.

The only thing I would add is that it can be surprising howbill
Aug 18, 2003 11:12 AM
much harder you can go in an actual race. And the opposite is also true -- some guys who seem to rule in group rides can't hold it in races, whether it is because they can't suffer or they race dumb or whatever.
And you will suffer exactly as much as you want to suffer. Nobody can make you do anything you don't want to do.
It's great. Give it a go.