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Race Report, Lapeer Criteriumlexington476
Aug 17, 2003 1:16 PM
Having seen race reports here before, I figure I would give it a try. Just did category five at the Lapeer Criterium, in Lapeer Michigan. This was a real nice course, about .8 miles, with six turns, one a short mild climb. The finish was after a downhill. The cat fives road for thirty minutes plus three laps. I was able to get a fairly good warm up, then we are off. There were thirteen of us. On the first lap or two, I was second, and then on the third and fourth (or so) lap I was in the front of the line (very uncommon for me). After about four or five laps they take off, could not keep up with the faster eight. Ended up forming up in an other group of five, this group got lapped once. On the last lap, I decided to take off on my own from this lapped group. I was expecting to find two of the other lapped riders to be right on my tail, nothing. I get three-quarters the way around the course, look around, nothing, nobody... I cross the line alone. Got nine out of thirteen! Afterwards talking to some of the other folks in the race, two of the dudes in the lapped group, one had a bum rear tire, and the other was tired from the night before. Talking to some of the cat 1/2/3 people watching the race, I should have tried to get away from that lapped group much earlier. Oh well, it was still a very good finish for me. Just need to get a bit more aggressive.

The odds were even.

In addition, after my race I brought out my digital camera and took a bunch of pictures and videos. I put them on my web site check them out:

Check out other videos and pictures at:

Tell me what you think.
Aug 18, 2003 5:00 AM
Are you saying you were pulling for about two laps? No wonder they took off (or you blew up). One might suggest you were too aggressive.