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New To Racing!insanebikerboy
Aug 9, 2003 12:59 PM
Hey all, a few questions. I've ridden mtb for years, but I want to get started in road racing, and I am unfamiliar with the terms you guys use (i.e. Cat 5, etc). Right now on a 25-35 mile training ride, I avg about 18-20 mph. I don't really go out for speed, I am just trying to put in lots of miles right now. Where I ride just has rolling hills, nothing real steep. How would that measure up in the category system, or should I just keep training till I can get faster?

Any other good general info you could inpart to a roadie newbie would be appreciated! Thanks.

The only way to find out is to race...TFerguson
Aug 9, 2003 5:54 PM
So many miles at so many mph means very little. Unless you are way better than everyone else, road racing is about pack riding. Can you stay near the front when 90 guys all want to be in the first 10? Can you take it up to 30+ for however long it takes for them to decide that they can't drop you? Can you accelerate for 10 seconds then recover for 10 seconds for 45 minutes? I know I did not really understand even after a few races. Once you start staying with the pack is when you discover how hard it really is. But try it. I love it.

The catagories are Cat5 (easiest) to Cat1. Then there is Pro 2 and Pro 1. You start at Cat5 (or non-licensed Citizen) and work your way up. Some organizations start at Cat4.

Post the area you live in and somebody can tell you how to get started.