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Cat 5 or 40+(7 posts)

Cat 5 or 40+bimini
Aug 6, 2003 10:08 AM
I just started racing this year at 47. I have been using one day licenses in the 40+ category. I will probably get a yearly license, next year.

Should I get it for Cat 5 or 40+. I have done 3 road races this year and in the road races around here (IOWA) the 40+ race with the 4 & 5 (or everyone races together) so there is not much of a difference. My goal in these races is to hang as long as possible with the pelaton. There is also a series of 1/2 mile paved oval races a couple of times a month. Good sprint and tactics practice. You get to do 5-6 races in an evening. In these races they usally group the 40+ with the 1,2 & 3. I would get dropped in half of these and did not finish better than 4th. This week they mixed things up and selected an A group and a B group. I was put in the B (mostly cat 5's) and did a lot better (a 2nd, and three 3rds). I was always in the lead group. I also won a couple of sprint laps in the points races.

Is the 40+ field as tough most places? What would be a better catagory for me 40+ or Cat 5? (I would like to get better so maybe the tough field is good for me)

Most places, yesshirt
Aug 6, 2003 10:35 AM
In NorCal, if you put the top five finishers in a well-attended 40+ race into a Pro,1,2 race, they'd probably all finish in the top 15. If that makes any sense. Take the top five finishers in a Senior-5 race and put them in a Pro,1,2, race and they'll all get shelled before the halfway point.

The better cat for you is, of course, 40+.

re: Cat 5 or 40+Eric Marshall
Aug 6, 2003 10:42 AM
When you get a new license it'll say you're a Cat 5. That will allow you to race in all Cat 5 races as well as any age-graded race you qualify for, based on your age. You don't get to choose the "kind" of license you want, they're always based on your category.

As for which race is best for you, try a few of each and then decide which you like best. It sounds like you're more competetive as a Cat 5 than a 40+. I'd think this is typical, as often the top 40+ racers are also top 1/2/3 racers, and often do both races in a day.
Around here (D.C. metro) the differences play out this way --bill
Aug 6, 2003 11:02 AM
Agreed that the top placers in the 40+ would finish well in the Senior/Pro 1,2,3 races. And, indeed, sometimes they do, doubling up.
It is also true that in the right Cat 5 race, you get these mutants on their way up to Cat 2 next year. So, you aren't guaranteed a placing even if you are hopping fast.
The biggest difference is in the pack and in the tactics. 40+ are, indeed, faster overall. They also are a lot smoother, with less herky-jerky yo-yoing. So, it's actually easier to go faster. They also use real tactics, so that a novice is going to learn a lot more, if you can hang.
But, I say, do your time in the Cat 5 field. It's not quite as humiliating. You'll get some top five or ten finishes before facing a new round of humiliation in the Cat 4 ranks. Double up if you can -- it's actually not as hard as it looks. Even if you get shelled out in the second race, it's great training.
I'm 44, btw.
re: Cat 5 or 40+McAndrus
Aug 7, 2003 6:12 AM
I'm 51 and raced both Cat 5 and Masters 45+ last year. Now I'm a Cat 4 so the 5 days are behind me. You will get a better workout and better schooling in a Masters race. As others have said, some of your competitors are hardened by decades of racing and you can learn a lot from them.

I've always tried to race the 45+ but sometimes around here (South Carolina) they don't have the category so I have to race my license category.

That said, the 5s are usually physically much easier but you will have adjust for the lack of tactics and the squirrelly bike handling. I'd say race whichever category fits your fancy.
If U stay in state, go 40+. If U want race out of state, #5.Canidraftyou
Aug 7, 2003 10:33 PM
40+ at home is not the same guys you'll race at a regional type race. If a 40+ will travel for a race, he/she has been there and done it.

40+ is a fast group of guys. On road racing, they're more high typo style riding. A Cat 4 and a good 5 can hang for short distance, but thats at a local level. Regional level is just that, the better riders in the region. Whole other world!!!

If you stay with the local races, go for it. It will make you a better rider/racer. If you want to try the regional level...ya better get ready for a reality check!!!

Peace out
re: Cat 5 or 40+bimini
Aug 8, 2003 4:51 AM
Thanks to all that replied to my post. I have time to make up my mind.

I will probably license at Cat 5 and then ride in some of the 40+ races also.