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Where do I really want the hoods?…(2 posts)

Where do I really want the hoods?…TFerguson
Aug 4, 2003 3:09 PM
(Also posted on General but will fall off the bottom in about 10 minutes.)

Using a Look ErgoStem I now have a lot of adjustability (when it actually stays where I put it) and am confused about stem height vs. stem length.

1. I've established my saddle position.
2. I know the amount of forward lean, which is dependent upon my flexibility and breath-ability (i.e. gut).
3. My shoulders are now in a set position.
4. From this point my hands (the hoods) can be in an arc with the radius being "arm length, slightly bent".
5. What determines where along this arc I want my hands and how do I know when I find this point.

To maintain this arc, as the stem goes down it gets shorter and as it goes up it gets longer.

How does each affect handling and how would I know when I've found the right spot?

The bike I'm currently working on is only used for racing and short, hard training rides, but I will also be going through the same process on my every-day bike next.

re: Where do I really want the hoods?…eschelon
Aug 5, 2003 11:27 AM
There is no rule of thumb for this question. You have to play with the positioning of the hoods. I tried to have mine high like Lance but found that this position was not to my riding style and tended to make me sit up too high. So I lowered mine dramtically and it allowed me the right amount of aerodynamics and power output....You just have to experiment.