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Damn dotsNo_sprint
Aug 4, 2003 8:53 AM
Feeling my best all year, ready for a full field sprint, tank is almost full, hanging at around 15th entering the last corner...

the only place to move up is the outside which is fine because it's a really wide, full speed turn...

I shoot the outside line only to hit a darn traffic dot entering the turn, it's all I can do just to keep it upright, then, what's next? I hit two more traffic dots exiting the turn. That was plenty to drop me 2/3 of the way back. Luckily I'm still upright though. I sprint almost til I barf just to regain a F#%KING 20th.

Oh well. Rotten luck has got me all year. This was my first race after a few weeks off due to crash. Next week...
yep, cateyes sucklonefrontranger
Aug 4, 2003 8:46 PM
we used to do a race in Dayton that was riddled with 'em. Blue Ash Dash, six lanes wide up-and-back, 180 at each end and cateye markers on every lane. 1K straightaways just so you could wind it up to 35 before hitting the next 180, whoopeeee!! Flats, crashes, slideouts, wheel hops, curb drops, pulled pedals, rolled tires, you name it, they caused it. I heard those cateyes called every blue name in the book. Every freaking lap the women's field would attack right up the centerline along the double row of cateyes. Knowing what I know now, I'm thinking that's a tactic.

Sorry to break it to you my man, but coming into the last corner 15th is still way too far back even if you've got some serious chutzpah for moving up between riders. Besides, every last squirrelly man Jack is gonna go for that same "easy" outside line you are. Guys who win typically come from no further back than fifth wheel out of the final corner, and they don't take the easy road to get there. How to get there? Ahahaha, now that would be telling...
yep, cateyes suckNo_sprint
Aug 5, 2003 10:04 AM
No worries. I hadn't planned on taking the victory. It was just one of those special days where I had so much left in the tank I knew I had a good shot at a top 5 out of 70+. The field was so together that although I was only in the top 15 on the last turn I'd say I was within two bikes of the front row of 4 or 5. We were going 7 deep + in the superwide turns. After righting myself from the dots I probably picked off 25 riders.

I've been working on ridding myself of No_sprint. I'm seeing success. What a good idea to finally hire the coach.