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My SUPERWEEK race reportnoveread
Jul 23, 2003 1:13 PM
The slow upward trend of my condition has continued. Every few days I can see a little improvement. My grandiose plans at the beginning of the season was to do as many as 5 or 6 SUPERWEEK (or Stupidweek, or Stuporweek, or you choose) races. However, with the total meltdown I had that began as far back as the beginning of June and came to a head at the end of June, I scaled back for the Milwaukee races. I did the Humboldt Park Crit last Thursday, and if you read that report, it was BRUTAL! However, my former boss lives in Hartford so I said I would do the Holy Hill race, which is in Hartford.

The race started and finished in the Pike Lake State Park. It promised to be an undulating course with mostly rolling hills but with one good climb (not long, but steep) at the end of each lap. The laps were just a hair over 8 miles each and we did 5 laps giving total mileage of 44 with the run-out to the laps and the run-in to the finish line. Total climbing for the Cat 4/5 race was just over 2300feet with a maximum grade of 10% on the main climb. This main climb would be the make or break point of the course. I'd guestimate that about 50-55 racers started the 4/5 race.

The pace for the first lap was downright pedestrian. Wohoo. Good stuff. I'm not gonna get dropped on the first lap today! The second lap was not much faster until the pack got to the big hill. Here, a bit more force was applied to the pedals. It was also at the base of this hill, that I almost went down. I was toward the inside of the pack, with my friend Chris to my left. On my inside (right turn), was a young GDVC rider. We were coming around the corner and all looked good when the GDVC guy must have had some sort of problem as he moved sharply to his left, right to my front wheel. I had to swerve left or go down. I bumped pretty solidly into Chris and got a pedal or a chainring in the ankle but Chris is a good sized guy and I'm pretty small so I kinda bounced off him like a billiards ball! Didn't go down and minimal momentum lost. Disaster avoided and on up the hill we went.

On the third lap, the pace started to pick up a bit and some riders were being shed out the back. I hung in pretty well but somehow, not quite sure how, I got gapped a couple of times. The second of these incidents was towards the end of the lap as we were getting closer to the big hill. I caught up on a downhill but I was worried about the big hill. My worries were well founded as on the third trip up the hill I was just tailed off at the top. It was only about 20 yards but I knew I had a tough chase ahead. Then I got a gift! I'm not complaining mind you, but for some reason, the race organizers started the Masters 40+ category on a 5 minute staggered start after us. Anyway, the main pack was catching us shortly after the big hill so the organizers neutralized our race. I caught back on in about 5 seconds!

With the race neutralized for a bit, I took some time to have some gel and some Gatorade. The temps were not hot, but it was very humid. I had enough liquid with me for the race, but instead of having two bottles of Gatorade I should have had one Gatorade and one plain water. By the end of the race I felt dehydrated having had only straight Gatorade. Something to remember for the future!

Once the race was restarted, the pack got quickly back up to speed. On this fourth lap, I had no problem holding the field. Now, if I could just make it over the hill...

Alas, it was not to be. I got tailed of again up the hill. I was a little further back than the previous lap but this time, over the top, the field put the hammer down. I would not catch back on.

I rode the fifth lap alone. Only one group of three caught (and passed) me but it consisted of 2 masters and 1 cat 4. Surprising that no one else behind caught up, I was going pretty slowly that last l
...the restnoveread
Jul 23, 2003 1:16 PM
I rode the fifth lap alone. Only one group of three caught (and passed) me but it consisted of 2 masters and 1 cat 4. Surprising that no one else behind caught up, I was going pretty slowly that last lap, especially into the wind! I rolled wearily past the finish line. Judging by the size of the field when I got dropped, I figure I finished around 35th. I did much better than I expected, not getting dropped until mile 32. It gives me something to build on for next year. And heck, it can only get better!

That's it!

The Empty Wrapper
What app is that screenshot from? (nm)shirt
Jul 26, 2003 8:31 PM
Ciclosport HAC4 (nm)noveread
Jul 27, 2003 7:21 PM
Ciclosport HAC4 (nm) - how do you like it?James OCLV
Jul 28, 2003 6:27 AM
It seems like a pretty good computer. I've heard some good stuff about it, and I was wondering if you could give me your overall impressions. Thanks!
Early yet, but I like it so far...noveread
Jul 28, 2003 10:29 AM
Well, I only just got it. It was a gift from my wife. I have not by anymeans learned it all yet. I just have the basics.

My first impressions are good though. The only potential issue I see with the unit could be with the graphing and analyzing certain workouts like sprints or very short intervals (30sec or less). This is due to the fact that the unit only writes to memory every 20sec. Only writing to memory every 20sec could lead you to miss a sprint in your graphing for example. Easy to deal with I know, and after all, cyclists aren't known as perfectionists or anything! :)

On the positive side, I've been very pleased with the ease of use for the basic features and even with the power estimation. I have no clue whether the numbers the unit spits out are actually representative of what I am capable of producing, but what I have noticed is that the unit is generally consistent. The same type of effort in the same conditions produced similar results. Look at the chart above, I don't know if those power readings are accurate, but they are consistent, and that is more important (to me for training). Further, without anyway to to confirm, I think the power numbers it is providing are reasonably accurate.

I guess I should mention one thing I was not pleased about with the unit, and that is the instruction manual. Getting the unit set up was easy, but the operating instructions I found barely acceptable. I gotta check to see if the ciclosport website has something better online there.

It's a great training tool. Pricey, but they all are at this level.

The Empty Wrapper