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Survey: What is your average speed over 20-30K on your....(20 posts)

Survey: What is your average speed over 20-30K on your....kingcobradv
Jul 18, 2003 12:01 PM
...mountain bike and what is your speed over the same distance with a road bike?

For the competitive riders using this board..... what is your cadence at for a road bike over a middle distance and what gear ratio are you guys/girls on?
re: Survey: What is your average speed over 20-30K on your....BrokenSpoke
Jul 18, 2003 1:32 PM
Can't help with the mountain bike portion but cadence over an average 50 mile ride is 90+. Average speed for a flat 50 miles is 24-26 and if it is rolling hills, about 22. Gear ratio is 53/39 up front with 11-21 on rear wheel.
forgive me. lord forgive me. is this 24-26 avg in a paceline,bill
Jul 18, 2003 3:55 PM
or solo? because if it's solo, what UCI Div 11 team do you race for?
okay. Division III.nmbill
Jul 18, 2003 5:30 PM
50 mile time trial in 2 hours = Damn fastMR_GRUMPY
Jul 18, 2003 7:23 PM
A friend of mine, once had (back in the real stone age) the Canadan 50 mile time trial record of 2:01. That was many many years ago, but somehow I doubt that anyone on this forum can pull off a time like that.
okay. Division III.nmBrokenSpoke
Jul 21, 2003 8:39 AM
That team would be The Jittery Joe's cycling Team and our website is
dude. dude. some poor guy wants to get into racing andbill
Jul 21, 2003 8:52 AM
is a little concerned about hacking it (I'm reading into things here a little, I realize, but who else would be asking these questions?), and he asks some general information about averages, and you give him, with no asterisk, the average for a professional rider? What are you thinking, man? I think he wanted AVERAGE average, not PRO average. You've done gone and scared him into his hole, because now he thinks that the average average is some ungodly way, way above average average.
You have to qualify these things, dude.
dude. dude. some poor guy wants to get into racing andBrokenSpoke
Jul 21, 2003 1:01 PM
I think you read far too much into the post. He prefaced the post by stating it was a survey, not that he was looking for average speeds of the various categories. Had that been the case, I would have prefaced my times with my category level along with the race averages of other categories in my region. My guess for an "average average," meaning a recreational rider over a middle distance, 40-50 miles, would be about 18mph
I'm not saying that you couldn't give your info to factor intobill
Jul 21, 2003 1:44 PM
the survey -- have a ball, we're all equally entitled. I'm just saying that most of the people here are Cat 5's or 4's or 3's -- we fit in racing when we can, and most of us are sitting at our desks and wishing we were doing something else, like riding -- and your weighing in with an actual pro time makes people (a) wonder whether you're for real, because, frankly, that's what I was wondering, or (b) if they are less suspicious, wonder what the hell is wrong with them. I wanted to reassure the original poster, who undoubtedly has some idea of what he could do over 50 mi, or, again, he wouldn't be asking, that your times were not anywhere near average. If you had said, x, but I'm not average because I get paid to do this, that would have been helpful.
I'm not saying that you couldn't give your info to factor intoBrokenSpoke
Jul 21, 2003 1:49 PM
Point taken. If this comes up again I will be sure to preface my comments. Thanks for the insight.
On a side noteBrokenSpoke
Jul 21, 2003 1:56 PM
I do know many Cat3 riders who are capable of completing a 40k (25 mile TT) under an hour. Thiw would equate to an average speed of 25+ mph. It isn't unrealistic to think that with a little extra endurance, or training if you like, that a Cat3 rider could maintian this average for another 40k. Just a thought.
Which one of those a$$holes is you?shirt
Jul 21, 2003 11:04 AM
So you're a professional cyclist. Ooooh, livin' the dream. Are you sure you're comfortable in that role yet? You seem to be pretty eager to smack down our resident Cat-3 girl with a golden pen, for God knows what reason. And flaunting some pro-level TT numbers to a kid who has shown some interest in getting into racing.

You may have a physical gift, but in my book you're about as professional as a fart in the boardroom. And in my book, physical gifts demand no respect (that's zero) whatsoever.

oh. THAT brokenspoke. yeah, man, what's your deal? couldn'tbill
Jul 21, 2003 11:33 AM
pack both an ego and a personality, so you picked one?
Which one of those a$$holes is you?BrokenSpoke
Jul 21, 2003 1:30 PM
Shirt... Living the dream hardly. Training, working, and racing generaly sucks. Were I truely living the dream, I would be making a living racing and wouldn't have to work.

Flaunting pro-level TT times?? Hardley the case. The post stated it was a survey, not an inquiry from someone interested in getting into racing. Had I thought that to be the case, I would have responded differently. Over the years I have worked with many Juniors, Cat4, and Cat3 riders to help them work to ward their individual goals.

As far as LoneFrontRanger, perhaps I was a little harsh in the wording. But I do feel that my comments about her use of the photographs were appropriate. At a minimum she should have at least listed the photographers name a website.

As a professional, I would not stoop to calling someone an a$$hole as you have chosen to do. While in your case I may think it strongly, I would refrain from doing so in a public forum such as this. As far as respect, whether you respect me or not is your choice. One thing I have learned over the years is that those who have exceled in any field feel no need to brag about themselves. These individuals prefer to let their abilities speak for themselves. Those who are just beginning, or have realized they will never get to that level, never hesitate to let others know how 'fast' they are.

Basing one's decision on whether or not to respect someone on a couple of posts on a website, in my opinion, is foolish. Respect is earned over time and is based on the total package. You have your right to your opinion, and I respect that. When you lower yourself to name calling, you lose credibility.

Just out of curiousity Shirt, what category do you race and who do you race for?
Curiosity fulfilled...shirt
Jul 21, 2003 2:05 PM

Yep, you were too harsh on LFR. If you were a regular on this board, you'd know that she was our Golden Treasure. And maybe, MAYBE you have a point about the number of pics she posted.

Regarding name calling, I'll call you an a$$hole as much as I like. You're certainly free to call me whatever you like in response; many on this board do. Note, however, that I followed up the name calling with some examples of why you fit the bill. Keep the thoughtful responses coming and I (and others) may change our opinion about you, and simply call you a d1ckweed.

You're totally right about respect being earned over time. That's why you should show LFR some.

I'm a Cat-3 master, to resolve your curiosity. If you were a regular here you'd not only know that, but you'd know some of my results (all over the map, from 1st to last), age (38), team (Redding Velo), real name (Peter Krogh) and jock strap size (XS.)

wow, what is this?peloton
Jul 26, 2003 6:17 PM
Who cares who cat shirt races in, and what team? He does it for his personal satisfaction, and his paycheck isn't invovled.

I've been involved with athletics at a high level over the years too. I've learned that it is very important to be careful how you present yourself and your sponsors in public. Even well intentioned comments or say, internet posts can bring negative feelings if they are not percieved the right way. I would be careful here as a pro if I were you as you have already posted your team's name. They don't get return on their investment on your results as much as your good image.

I mean this in a helpful way. I don't think you mean bad intentions to anyone, but being in the public eye holds a higher standard. Fair or not.

BTW- I wish I could hold those times for a 50 mile ride. I've held 21-22 on a 40 miler solo, and that's about it. Does okay for Cat 5 though when I remember to train. It's all about being happy with what you are doing on the bike, not about what everyone else is doing.
One-Person Survey: Why do you care?shirt
Jul 18, 2003 3:32 PM
In GENERAL, a mtb with knobby tires on the road will be 3-4 mph slower than a road bike on the road with the same power output. Put slicks on the mtb with lots of psi and it's probably <2 mph.

The real question: why do you care? You don't really want to even consider riding your mtb on the road, right? Right?

Cadence question: This will vary not only from person to person, but from moment to moment. If I'm hiding out in the middle of the pack during a race and I'm producing barely enough watts to power a night light, my cadence will be in the 70-80 range. Seated climbing I average about 80. If I get sent to the front on the flats with the intention of stringing everybody out, I'll be right around 100-105 rpm. My sprint ends around 130 rpm, but that's considered low.
One-Person Survey: Why do you care?Sharkman
Jul 21, 2003 3:58 PM
Good to see your posts again. You've been missing in action for a while.

re: Survey: What is your average speed over 20-30K on your....Veloflash
Jul 21, 2003 8:41 PM
LSD ride over 96.73 miles last weekend keeping HR as low as possible was 17.36 mph. Cadence: started at around 100+ spinning smoothly but, as usual, tends to wane towards the end (bored muscles?)

Course undulating smooth road with no interruptions. No hills of any note (deliberate selection)
Seriously though. . .allervite
Jul 23, 2003 11:07 AM
Fairly fast, and quite a bit faster assuming the mtb is on dirt and the road bike on the pavement.

My cadence is slower on the mtb over a gear ratio that suits my ability and the terrain. On the road I would try to spin about 90 to 100 rpms; 60 to 80 on the mtb. I find the lower cadence a little smoother in the rough terrain.