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Coaching classifications...noveread
Jul 10, 2003 2:13 PM
And someone explain to me the real-life, practical diffeences I am going to see between coaches with different levels of USCF accredidation? In my search for a coach, there seem to be 2 elite level coaches and the rest are club level. One of the elite guys is leaving the state and the other has not replied to my e-mails. So I seem to be left with club level coaches. This doesn't bother me is for someone like me, slow, is not going to see any difference. Would I see any practical differnce between them?

The Empty Wrapper
re: Coaching classifications...James OCLV
Jul 11, 2003 11:02 AM
That depends. I don't necessarily think that the level of license is indicative of coaching ability. There are some highly qualified "club" coaches who just haven't taken the necessary steps towards getting "elite" certification (I think that the opportunity to do so only comes around once every 5 years or so). I think that experience is important, as well as finding someone who you feel that you "click" with. Whomever you coose, this person will know the intimate details of your life and training; find someonw who you feel that you can establish a quality relationship with. I guarentee that most coachs follow pretty much the same training principles, anyway. Each coach has a uinque style, however, there are no "magic bullets" or "secret formulas" to training. I currently hold club coach license. Personally, I just haven't had the time to upgrade my license.
Good advice from James.Dale Brigham
Jul 16, 2003 12:21 PM
As an Elite-level licensed coach, I agree that licensure level has relatively little to do with the quality of coaching you receive. I'm a believer in the coaching certification process (I've helped put on certification clinics), but having a higher level license does not by itself make a coach better. Finding someone you click with who is truly interested in helping you meet your goals is the way to go.

Good luck in finding your coach!