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Need help training ..(5 posts)

Need help training ..globalhelipimp
Jul 6, 2003 10:45 PM
I just started road biking yesterday, and did 23 miles with
an average speed of about 16mph. I have a running
background, and ran many 5k's throughout high school. I'm
19 years old now, and really want to do a sprint triathlon
August 10th.

Swim - .5 mile
Bike - 14 miles
Run - 3.12 miles

Realistically speaking, do I have enough time to train? If
so, how should I outline my training schedule? My swimming
leg would by far be the worst. How do I train to swim?
Mileage for biking and running?

Just do itfiltersweep
Jul 7, 2003 12:52 PM
You will find people on mtn bikes and all sorts of contraptions at most tris (that are relatively open, as most sprints are). At this stage in the game, it is more about participation and finishing, having a goal to work toward, etc. You likely won't be a contender competing with the elites (if there even are any), but you will feel a sense of accomplishment and will learn a ton in the process.

14 miles is nothing on a bike...
re: Need help training ..No_sprint
Jul 7, 2003 1:43 PM
You might want to consider joining a local tri oriented group in your area. You also might want to join a local cycling group too. Read Friel's training bible for training info. Read triathlete magazine and cyclingnews. If you're really serious, hire a coach. Around here there are open water, free swim clinics all the time. There are two huge tri groups at least and more cycling clubs and teams than I could ever list.

Like someone above said, 14 miles on a bike is nothing at all. If it's relatively flat and there are some good riders, you're going to see some sub 30 min. rides.
I'll second the motion...MShaw
Jul 14, 2003 9:54 AM
...about joining a cycling club/group. Triathletes don't know diddly about riding bicycles. They think they really don't have to... Go straight, turn around, go straight. Easy, right?

Nope. I've seen many triathletes crash going in a straight line!

Learn how to ride the bike, not just sit on it and pedal.

re: Need help training ..psychic_egg
Jul 9, 2003 8:48 AM
I would concentrate on the swim. Not sure how you would train other than to swim. Map out the time between now and then. Map out your available training time. Start by swimming as far as you can (I assume it will be under .5mi), then ramp up your swimming until you are at the .5mi mark the week before the tri. Bike or run after the swim if you have the energy, but take it easy.

Sounds like you will be o.k. for the bike and the run. Adrenaline will take you through those if you can survive the swim. My wife has posted her best 5K times AFTER the swim and bike portions of sprint tri's.

Most of all. Have fun! Good Luck.