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Cat 5 Trainingsuperdreadnought
Jul 4, 2003 7:02 AM
I am just getting into racing. How do peple train at the cat 5 level?
same as everybody else. You have to balance racing/trainingbill
Jul 5, 2003 4:44 AM
with the rest of your life, and then you have to balance your training based on your own body. This is the hard part, and it's harder at the Cat 5 level because you don't know your body very well. The classic, oft-repeated mistake is to go too hard on your easy days but not hard enough on the hard days. So, to you I say, remember to go hard on your hard days and easy on your easy days. Only your body can tell you how many of each you need.
Get Joe Friel's Cyclist's Training Bible. I promise you that everyone on this board has it. the other good book is Arnie Baker's "Smart Cycling." Unfortunately, a lot in these books doesn't start to make a whole lot of sense until you've been training and racing for awhile. there is a cerrtain amount of trial and error before the light goes on and you say, Oh that's what they were talking about.
Most Cat 5 racers train maybe 200-250 hours per year. Friel, I think, has a table outlining how many hours you are likely to need at what level. Obviously this varies by individual. In Cat 5 racing, you get everything from the real citizen, total weekend warrior to guys who will one day become competent Cat 4's but will die there to beginners who'll be Cat 3 in a year because they've got great talent to sandbaggers who "forget" to move up.
same as everybody else. You have to balance racing/trainingjoe1265
Jul 11, 2003 11:24 AM
Superdreadnought, if you're in the Ann Arbor area, check out the AAVC rides. You may want to look into joining the club, or a club near you. That's the best way to set up a training, learn from what others are doing, read some guides like the Friel one, then set up what works best for you.

Riding with the club has helped me enormously.