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Cat 5 Racer need advice on a race?(4 posts)

Cat 5 Racer need advice on a race?flyinbowlofmilk
Jun 29, 2003 5:59 PM
I am planning on doing a criterium that will include some new things to me. On the weekend of July 12&13, I plan on doing a criterium that has something that I have never done in my racing career as a Cat5 racer. The criterium that I plan on doing has a one 180 degree turn and a short span of cobblestone. How should I train to get prepare for it? The criterium is 1 1/2 week away from now. Advice from the racing board on this criterium will be put to good use. Remeber this will be my 1st time as a Cat5 racer trying a criterium with these feature included. Should I be scared?


re: Cat 5 Racer need advice on a race?rollo tommassi
Jun 30, 2003 8:21 AM
Seriously, though, the 180 turn will be the toughest: my advice is to be on the outside of the turn, and get out of the saddle and sprint out of the turn.

Get some 'bumper bike' skill sessions in beforehand - see LFR's post from last week regarding same.

Cobbles? no worries, can't be any worse than the worse stretch of potholes on your daily ride.
re: Cat 5 Racer need advice on a race?Matt Britter
Jun 30, 2003 3:50 PM
The 180 WILL be a taxing part of the ride. Our club added one's of these to our annual race this year. Everyone really enjoyed it, but it was the scene of every accident in the race. The only plus was that all of the accidents were low speed.

If you are one of first racers into the corner, you get to pick your line (fastest). If you hang at the back of the pack until the end of the race, then move up, you probably will not be around at the end of this race. After the first couple of laps the group will start to bungy though this corner. The last riders will snap off, because others WILL attack coming out of the 180! Your legs will need to be ready for a hard accel (not a sprint) out of this everytime just to maintain position.
re: Cat 5 Racer need advice on a race?Eric Marshall
Jul 1, 2003 8:34 AM
Downshift before entering the 180 turn, so when you have to accelerate you'll be better prepared. Upshift before entering the cobbled section to lower your cadence.