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Another Cat.5 race reportmanicoti
Jun 24, 2003 6:52 AM
Well, this last Sunday was the State Road Race Championship in Ohio and it was a blast. I got there to register and a 1-2 racer friend of mine said they were making people race what was on their license, so he was racing Cat.3. I, being a first year racer, was in the 5. Fine, that's what I wanted. Well, to look around at the start line, it looked more like the Cat.3 race. Nothing but team jerseys, and I in my plain blue jersey. I hooked up with a few racers on a team I do know and tried to get in with them for some teamwork, but I never saw them after the second lap. Out of 3 laps and 48 miles total, the pace was pretty fast for a 5 race. There was a 10-12% grade about 3K from the finish and at the end of the second lap there was a breakaway forming at the top. I managed to get into it with about 12 other guys and we were off. 50+ riders started and I got into the break with 1 lap left. I managed to get near the front at one point and there were some team guys talking about how much fun it was. They were sitting up side by side, meanwhile my legs were getting fried staying in their draft. Turns out they usually raced Cat. 3, with one of them making an occasional foray into the 1-2 race. I can't get mad at them for sandbagging, since they were really just lazy in not upgrading. Well, it turns out the rest in the break were 4's except for 1 other guy. We got to the bottom of the hill before the finish, and the group took off. I saw them go over the hill and that was the last of them. I passed the other Cat.5 cause he cramped up and had to dismount. I could still hear him at the top of the hill.
I feel I had a great race and the fact that I was one of only two true 5's in the break makes me feel good. I am too large to be a good climber yet, so it is not a suprise that I was dropped on a hill, just a suprise that it took till the third lap. Anyway, I was burnt after that and believe I was in the top 15 for sure.
I have no bad feelings for those that had to race down because of what their card said, but I do wish they would cat. up. I don't think it is that hard, but I may be mistaken. Maybe the USCF could make upgrades automatic or something. I don't think it is fair to call them sandbaggers, just lazy. I am still left wondering what I would have done if I had raced against just Cat.5's. It is only my first year, and I will cat. up next year no matter what. Cat.5 should only be for 1st year racers in my opinion.
Jun 24, 2003 9:33 AM
In your area (where is your area?) do racers generaly sign up for races other than those on your license? It is not done that way in the Northeast. You can get a sticker to cat-up from the regional rep with very little lead time involved.

Also, when you say the guys in your race were 3's what do you mean? They are 3's but thier licences are wrong? Or, they are 4's but always sign up for the 3 race? (which is not allowed around here).
Jun 25, 2003 3:33 AM
It is relatively common for people in this area to race up Cat.'s, but not down. I live in Cincinnati and the race scene is pretty good, but I don't think they crack down too much on racing what you should. I know a guy who was a Cat.5 on his license for 3 years, but raced Cat. 1-2 in the last year or two. My buddy also races 1-2, but it says 3 on his license.
When I say a guy is a 3, that is what they usually race, regardless of what it says on their license. I don't like it, and won't do it myself. I would rather be fodder in a Category up and trying to get better, than winning every week in a weaker Cat.
I also don't know for sure if the guys in my race were what they said cause I didn't ask to see their license. Maybe they were just trying to psyche each other out. All I know is I shadowed one guys for 2 laps and had him tabbed for a sprinter. He was about 5'10" and real muscular, but he pulled for about 1/3 of the final lap and took off like a mountain goat on crack up the final hill when I struggled the whole final lap and got dropped very easily on the same hill. At least I was competitive for most of the race.
re: Another Cat.5 race reportclimbo
Jun 24, 2003 12:10 PM
Cat what ??? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5???? You can race whatever you want, that is certainly not the case anywhere else. Whatever it was you rode, it sounded like a good one, 48 miles I would say is pretty long for a Cat 5 race.
re: Another Cat.5 race reportThorman
Jun 25, 2003 3:22 AM
Nice race report. I did the cat 4 race and ended up finishing 7th out of 59 after giving my teammate a short lead out to win the race. Another teammate of mine won the race you were in. Sounds like it was a tough race for cat 5. I think last year they only had to go 36 miles. My legs are still feeling the effects of the 64 miles we did.