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Anyone ridden Fitchburg Longsjo Classic ?(5 posts)

Anyone ridden Fitchburg Longsjo Classic ?Swift
Jun 21, 2003 6:48 AM
I've lurked on this board for some time now and love the discussion and advise from all of you. Thanks

My question about Fitchburg is because my son (cat 2) and his team are traveling up there now and I was wondering how tough the course will be. I've read that the RR course is hilly and demanding. Just wondering if there's any first hand experience around here?

BTW, they are doing the Twilight Crit on Tuesday night in Keene NH as well if you know any thing about that one.

Swift (Spencer)
YesDwayne Barry
Jun 22, 2003 8:29 AM
The road race is a hard course. I remember one hard climb followed closely by a second one that's not so bad, then a long downhill and a good bit of flat riding and repeat. The kicker is when you turn off the main course and climb to the top of the mountain to the finish.
re: Anyone ridden Fitchburg Longsjo Classic ?TJeanloz
Jun 23, 2003 6:33 AM
The RR course isn't abusive - there are primarily two hills that are sort of long grinders. They really aren't that steep or long. The following descent is long enough that almost everything that gets away on the hills gets caught on the descent. The final climb up Mt. Wachusset is tough. I'm not sure whether they're riding up the "up" or "down" road this year, but either way, it's steep and hard. Every field shatters on this climb, it's unavoidable. All in all, it isn't the most difficult road race on the schedule, but it is hard enough to be selective. A Cat2 may have a hard time staying in the front group with the top pros.
Fitchburg Tipsmass_biker
Jun 23, 2003 10:21 AM
Time Trial - flat and fast. A lot flatter now that they have eliminated the older (longer, rolling) loop from 2+ years ago.

Circuit Race - fast with a good rise each lap. The pace is fast enough and the lap length long enough that any mechanical on this course will be painful (timewise).

Road Race - the steepest part of each lap is just before Princeton Center, right before you take a right hand turn through the town center that leads you to the feed zone. This is a stair-step climb - not too bad - but several laps will tenderize the legs. After the feed hill there is a long, draggy uphill section towards the KOM. The descent from the KOM on Mile Hill Road is fast and on rough roads - be careful here. On the last lap, you get sent up the mountain, and race "up the down road", which is steeper (and shorter) than the regular "up road" - a fairly unrelenting pitch with the final ramp to the summit area pretty steep.

If memory serves me well, each year the RR stage is wicked hot and humid so having water/support through the feed area is a nice thing.


ps - the Crit is pretty standard. A hairpin shaped course with a nice fast turn through a rough cobbled/brick section of pavement.
re: Anyone ridden Fitchburg Longsjo Classic ?Swift
Jun 23, 2003 11:14 AM
Thanks everyone,
I've forwarded your advise on to the team.