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continue intervals during race season?(3 posts)

continue intervals during race season?cjbrawley
Jun 19, 2003 3:58 PM
To get in shape for crit's and competive group rides I had to do intervals to be race ready. Now that I can ride competitivly I feel that racing and fast paced group rides give me the work out(anarobic) that intervals do. I don't want to burn out on anarobic activity so I have not been doing intervals. Should I try to fit intervals in, or look to boost anarobic heart rate with racing?
Jun 19, 2003 4:07 PM
absolutely, unless of course your group rides do just what intervals would anyway. Depends on the group rides and the races. I've done races that were not much more than an easy cruise with a 10 second sprint, with not much training effect; others, I'm dying the entire way.

So, others may better answer on specifics, but I say yes.

Two days of hammering during my peak is enough for me.Canidraftyou
Jun 20, 2003 11:48 PM
If im in my peak, I do two days of hammering, form sprints with some cornering after each sprint, spin (recovery ride) and two E2 rides.

If the group ride is low tempo for one reason or another and you need to work harder do the pulling or stay out of the draft.

Heck, you'll know if your doing to much. During your peak your legs should want to go go go. You should be fighting to hold back. During my peak I have to force myself to slow down a Great Feeling!

Peace out