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Very late ride report from the prairie steam stage race(2 posts)

Very late ride report from the prairie steam stage racejradford
Jun 17, 2003 2:29 PM
Very late ride report from the prairie steam stage race in Calgary Alberta.

My wife was going to drive down with me and watch the race but she decided that it would be better if she stayed home. My wife said so I'm going to have to get up at 5:30am to drive for an hour from your uncles place to the race watch you ride away and 3 hours latter ride back, not my idea of fun, sorry.

Friday I drive down to my uncles place just south of Calgary. Saturday morning come way to early and I leave to drive out to the start of the road race about 1hour and 15min drive. I end up being the first person to sign in for that day and had a lot of time to kill before the start of the race. We had to ride about 7km to the start line from the sign in area because the was very limited parking at the start area. I line up for the start of the race with the CAT 4's. 80km race out and back course. We start off very fast and the group is split in two almost from the word go. I am in the second group and already struggling to keep up just 7km into the race. At the 10km mark I am already riding at my peak and know I will not be with the group for long. 12km mark pop and out the back I go. I team up with 3 other guys and ride with them for about 8km and they spit me out the back as well (just not my day) I continue on by myself and hit 77km/h going down hill at one spot and 8km/h going back up the hill the other way. The wind picked up on the way back and we were riding into a 30km/h gusting 50km/h head wind. I ended up doing only 60km of the 80km race and my first attempted at a race ends with a DNF (I will never do that again unless I am physically unable to continue).

The second stage of three is to be a 500m sprint on the velodrom in Calgary on road bikes. I pull into the parking lot of the velodrom around 2pm (the race starts at 6pm). I had a few ZZ's in the van for a few hours and I awake to RAIN. Well they can not run the race in the rain because of the safety issues. Well by 6pm the rain had stopped and the track was dry enough to start the race. The race order was cat 5, women, cat 4. So I set my rollers up in the center of the track and start to warm up. Well of course all the mosquitoes that were hiding in the grass from the rain are now out to get me and I spend more time swinging at them then warming up. They were half way through the women when it started to rain again, well that was a good warm up.

Sunday morning and the hill climb. I pull up to the parking lot of Canada Olympic Park ( this is ware the ski jumping happened during the 1988 Olympics. This is to be a 1.3km hill climb to the top of the hill. Well I do not go up hills very well at all. I get to the line after a modest warm up and I am felling good. I am starting very close to the front because of my DNF yesterday. I take off and start the bottom not to fast knowing it gets harder as you get to the top and I will need to save some for that. Well half way up I fell like I going to die. There is not enough oxygen in the world to satisfy my need at this time. ¾ of the way up and I get passed by the guy who started 1 min behind me. I get to the top with not even enough energy to sprint the last 100m. Place second last in cat 4.

We show up the velodrom again and this time we do get to race. I like riding on the velodrom. I think out of any event this weekend I could do well in this one. My 500m felt really good and I left everything on the track. 16th.

Overall 23 out of 40.

I will be back next year and I will do a lot better :-)
re: Very late ride report from the prairie steam stage racejradford
Jun 17, 2003 2:31 PM