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Race Report: Italian Festival GP (Ottawa) "Open Class"...(2 posts)

Race Report: Italian Festival GP (Ottawa) "Open Class"...Spunout
Jun 17, 2003 2:12 AM
aka "Cat 3 pack fodder in a Cat 1 world" but I done good boss...Spunout
Jun 17, 2003 2:28 AM
Okay, an open class race is where there are Cat 1,2,3 and Masters all in the same field. In Canada, we only have three categories. Not to worry though, no "5" level riders in this one. One prize list, and no points by class.

In my first year racing, I haven't earned points to upgrade, yet can hang with the odd Cat 1/2 group. I figures for thirty bucks I can get the best speedwork of my life out of this session.

About this race: Italian Festival in Ottawa is a pretty big thing, the weather was perfect, thousands of people on the course and 100 in the field. 100km race (criterium!), 60 laps of four corners and a 53X19 climb(aka feed zone). All restaurant patios packed with cheering fields. A 2.25 hour race sells alot of beer!

Well, I finished in the main field. I've never experienced so much pain in my life, 60 climbs, 60X4 jumps from the corners. You want to talk about intervals someday? Exceeded my goals. I wanted to quit three times, I had a chest cold and Phlegmmed up pretty bad after 20 laps I thought I'd suffocate. But, hung in there.

Many dropped and lapped before me, aha! Vindication! Two women finished this race, I never underestimate a thirty-something dame in lycra. It was quite an achievement just to finish this one.

My stats: Average 43 km/h with a top speed of 57km/h (27 and 36 mph)...from the back of the pack. I even began jumping up in the last five laps, finished mid-group over the line.

My next race is a Cat 3 only group, I'm going to wonder why it is so slow. Report on that one to follow for sure!

Thanks everyone here for talking racing, speedwork, suffering, holding your line, etc. Pack fodder has some use, or else there would only be 10 riders in every race.