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LFR congrats on the win at Longmont!(7 posts)

LFR congrats on the win at Longmont!BipedZed
Jun 16, 2003 5:45 AM
I caught your finishing sprint as I was registering. Nice job!
Nice job ! It feels good when it pays earned it ! 'nm'CARBON110
Jun 16, 2003 7:50 AM
congrats (pix?) nmDougSloan
Jun 16, 2003 12:33 PM
holy cow, thanks Zed!lonefrontranger
Jun 16, 2003 9:16 PM
I saw you in the 3s and was hollering at you, hope you heard me. John wanted food, so we left pretty soon afterward. Didn't I see triple shot espresso way up in the top 5 in the final sprint? It was a HART guy that looked like him, anyway.

My teammate Carla and I had too much fun at that race. I wasn't even supposed to go (by order of the coach, who wants me off the bike for a week solid), but she called Saturday night begging me to do the 35+ race with her, and John wanted someone to ride to the race with him, and so on, and so on... To show you just how much I didn't care, I rode my Zipps from Lafayette to Longmont and back, and if you know how paranoid I am about flatting those damn tubies, you'd know that was pretty blase' for me. Heck I never even remembered to turn on my HRM, so I don't have any data even.

You missed the really stupid part of our race. I took a 6-lap solo flyer from the gun, just because I didn't bother to warm up. It was a darned good flyer, too. I about caught the Cat 4 field with it and they had a minute's head start. The Cat 2 chick in our field chased me down with the rest of the gals in tow, however. Subsequent times I attacked or countered, she'd bridge, then not pull through, so I'm fairly positive she was in collusion with the LaForza girls. It didn't matter. We worked her (and the others) over pretty good for that - since we didn't have the horsepower to establish a break, we planned to make that field sprint a real doozy.

I especially enjoyed the game where Carla and I kept maneuvering the LaForza sprinter onto my wheel at which point I'd become an instant cornering moron (gap, sprint, gap, sprint, wash, rinse, repeat). You have to be fairly subtle, and it's only safe to pull this in a small group or breakaway, but 6 corners per lap of this nonsense will wear out your enemy fair quick. We did this almost the whole last half of the race, when we weren't alternately attacking them. On the bell lap, we wound it up hard, followed the predictable counter, and our mark got spit OTB with 3 corners to go. For our efforts, we took 1st and 3rd, (note to self: must teach teammate how to bike throw) plus I led Carla out for the only prime in the race.

Speaking of primes, the only dark cloud to this silver lining was - no Potatohead primes in our race! Where is the love?! Every other field got one including those rotten Cat 4 Men. Some collegiate schmuck won that one - what the hell is HE gonna do with a Mr. Potatohead, play drinking games with sorority girls??!! You'd better believe if they'd rung a Mr. Potatohead prime for our race, I'd have killed myself and everyone else there to win it.

After Saturday's debacle, the Sherpa saith to me: "Race 35+ for a while to take the pressure off". On Friday, Carla and I worked with him and another of his clients (some giant Cat 4 dude who is only too happy to play bumping dummy to a couple chicks, go figure) for 2+ hours on tactics, pack skills, bumping, choosing line, etc. He set up this itty, bitty, diabolically twisty pop can "crit" course on a soccer field and said "okay everyone, it's a POINTS race!!!" Talk about your Ergopower anal probes - one of the bonus challenges was to see how many times each of us could squeeze between two other riders as we were cornering. I actually managed to bump the master himself aside in a few corners by the end of the night. No bike parts were harmed in the process, and amazingly enough, no one even fell down.
That's so awesome!noveread
Jun 17, 2003 7:39 AM
Congrats! I so wish I had a coach that could work like that with me! I'm so new to this racing scene I don't even know if there is a local coach capable of that type of instruction!

Thanks again for the info on the side stitches. I need some help that's for sure, because for the first time this season they severly affected a race. A crit this past weekend. 25 minutes in, a team actually pulled off some tactics and created the winning gap. I couldn't breath and couldn't get on to either the winning group or the group behind it. The field shattered on the hill and I ended up in one of the many chasing groups of 2-3-4. But hey, my wicked sprint earned me... wait for it... 24th. And the field was only 45. Now if only I could be in position to use that sprint for a good result!

Nutz. I'm getting close, but just not quite there. And these side stitches are killing me. How often should I do the ab exercises?

That's me on the front...

On the bright side, I know what I need to work on. The downside? SUPERWEEK is one month away!

you probably have more access to coaching than you are awarelonefrontranger
Jun 19, 2003 5:12 AM
How hard have you actually searched? Haunt your local racing club web sites, and ask everyone you meet. Your best bet IMO is to find a "mentor" first. The ones I had in Cincinnati were a couple of Cat 1 guys who had raced in Europe a bit. The process of going to Belgium and getting cratered for a season or two not only taught them a lot about effective training and recovery, but also humility and how to keep their mouths shut and eyes open. In both cases they were able to pass this stuff along to less experienced riders, and were also willing to do so.

I admit, I got really, really lucky with my coach. Not only is he local, and kicks ass at explaining stuff, but we actually get along, too. That's sometimes not been the case with other coaches (cycling or otherwise) I've dealt with.

Ab exercises: for now, do them 3x / week, probably in the morning before work. Make sure to leave a day during the week that you are totally resting.

Something you'll find out as you get better at this stuff (and you will get better, don't worry) is that you can have a really bad day or be really off form and still do well if you have good pack skills and learn how not to waste effort. Believe it or not after twelve years of racing, I find I'm still struggling with this when I get into bigger, faster fields.

I like the pic. 24th / 45 - I know quite a few guys who'd be very happy with that. Just in case you think this doesn't happen to everyone, I finished 33rd/40 in a crit 2 weeks ago, and I even *liked* that course.
You're right, of course...noveread
Jun 19, 2003 7:00 AM
No, I have not looked around that hard. I've checked out what info I can find on a couple of local coaches but I have not sat down with them and talked about what I am looking for or anything.

A mentor is a great idea. I might have some good potential here. I wonder if... That is something I will check into for sure.

Thanks again, for the help and the hope!