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Anybody done Tour of Alpine Valley race at SUPERWEEK?(4 posts)

Anybody done Tour of Alpine Valley race at SUPERWEEK?noveread
Jun 6, 2003 7:27 AM
This is one of the races I want to do at SUPERWEEK this year. I hear it is definitely a course for the climbers. Those who have done it, what kind of gearing did you use? I will not likely get a chance to ride the course before the race so I am just trying to figure out if I will want something a little bigger than my 23...

re: Anybody done Tour of Alpine Valley race at SUPERWEEK?raptorUW
Jun 6, 2003 8:30 PM
the climbs aren't so large that you'll ever be using a 39x23. i raced all of superweek with a 25 last year, which was nice only b/c it allowed me to stay in the big ring one gear longer - makes the 53x23 really useable. i don't remember exactly, but i think there is only one climb on the course where you'll be in the 39 if you're riding at the front. they're nothing like the long climbs west of madison, but rather shorter power climbs....the climb out of alpine valley is the biggest you'll see on the day, and you only ride it once on the way out to the loop.

none of the superweek stages have that "sick" type terrain a la snake alley, green mountain stage race, gila, tour of ohio, etc. but that doesn't make the races any easier....the fields are so big & talented that any elevation change wreaks havoc on the field.

ever ridden the spring prairie wca race? the terrain is very similar as the races are somewhat close to one another.
Jun 8, 2003 3:39 AM
Just the info I was looking for! Thanks! I have not ridden Spring Prairie b4 as this is my first season racing. I am racing Spring Prairie this year though (two weeks I think).

Well, I'm off for a ride from Madison up to the Baraboo area and back! Looks like we're in for a long, wet ride!

re: Anybody done Tour of Alpine Valley race at SUPERWEEK?jbear71
Jun 9, 2003 4:54 PM