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Training and recovery daysboing
Jun 6, 2003 4:29 AM
Any opinions on the ammount of training to rest days you should have? Having done some tests and had some feedback from A sport science Lab I have been told that every training day should be accompanied by a rest day. As most people cannot recover sufficiently to train at a high enough intensity the next day (Pro's can). This means only 3 days of training per week which seems low. Rest days can include low intensity (below 120 heartrate) exersize which is difficult when you life in the hills. Whilst training days should be at a fairly intense level (level2/threshhold) to get an improvement for me this is a heartrate zone of 160-180 (maxhr 190). Training should also include some interval sessions at level 3 (180-185). Level 2 sessions starting at around 1.5hours and progressivly increasing to about 2.5hours as I improve.
Most other training plans I have seen include on 1 rest day per week and perhaps and easy recovery week every month.
I am interest to hear any comments on this subject as it means I am currently training for only 4.5 hours a week(about the length of my old sunday ride). I mainly race Tri's, time trials and Mountain bike races.
Hope this helps.........CARBON110
Jun 6, 2003 6:49 AM
There are many on the board that can correct your info, then can feel free to diagree with how I train. Training works like this:

you have several different build periods, each build period is a seperate part of your training at a specific point in the year. For more info on this buy Joe Friels Training Bible.

In the fall and winter your intensity should be zone 1 or 2. Basically for most people thats riding 75%+ under 150BPMs
Accompany this with up to 3 sessions of weight work outs. You eventually cut your weights down to once or twice a week by April. How to train your body for weight lifting read the Training Bible. There is no use starting weight training in Feb. or past that. Its better to do Force Workouits or large gear low cadence workouts on your bike. Called Force Intervals that last about 6 minutes to 15 minutes depending on whcih Force workout you do....specifics see Training Bible :D

Every 3 weeks have a rest week with low hours ie 7-10 and NO inesity other then a local crit

Week Scheduele

Most popular successful week I use is like this during the race season:

Monday: Rest no bike at all no physical activity like mowing lawn,moving heavy objects etc etc

Tues: weight woorkout with core strength training (crunches and powerball) local crit 2 hours riding

Wed: Long zone 1+2 4.5-5 hours ( built up over the winter to that long starting in October)

Thurs: 2 hours riding. Specific intervals LT or other. Then weights at gym ( during race season most likely maximum strength or endurance)

Fri:1.5 hours easy with 10-12 all out 12 second sprints working on form and speed.

Sat: 3-4 hours riding or Race

Sun: Race 2-3 hours and riding easy after for another 2-3 hours total of 6 hour ride on sunday. Easy if not racing, bigger gears on climbs and practice cornering in paprkinglot or on downhills. Easy to get 6 hours in if you start 1.5 hours before a group ride,join group ride then ride 1.5 hours after group ride. Bring alot of food and money.....and a good mood is imperative on long days!

At night go to bed at 8:30-9:30 everynight. Drink recovery drinks and massage your legs alot. A good bath helps after a long day. Feel free to IMPROVISE your training if your sick or feeling not to strong. Ease up on intesity and duration if your HR doesnt go up during intervals. Eat well eat well eat well.

Accept the fact that if you want to be above the rest of your field of racers you will have to forgo going out with the guys on Fri and Sat nights most of the time, or just not drink alot. Remember to surprise Girlfriend or Wife withflowers,candy,Diamonds,clothes to make up for the time your on your bike. If you cant afford that, get some take out and drive to a quiet romantic place every week. Have sex anytime you want except the morning of a peak shouldnt have time then anyway since you should be prepping your mind on the course :P

This will be hard but you will discover thigns about yourself you didnt know before and you will have respect for your body with discipline and refusing a beer sugar or other things you once could not or passed off as no biggy will become easy. Remember to have fun and if you dont adjust your time. It will take time for results and you will need experience racing and luck to help you win...

Hope this goo buy the Training Bible!
I'm no Carbon110... (and I didn't sleep in Holiday Inn Express)noveread
Jun 6, 2003 7:22 AM
I'm a new one to the racing scene (1st yr racer) though been riding longer. I don't have the years of quality miles built up in my legs so there is no way I could do a training schedule like Carbon's. For me, my schedule is like this:

Mon-Easy (45min-1hr very easy)
Tues-1:30hrs-2hrs Practice crit or sprint workout with maybe a couple of short intervals thrown in for good measure.
Wed-Easy (as per Mon)
Thurs-Group Ride or Intervals
Fri-Easy (as per Mon)
Sat/Sun- One day easy (as per Mon) and one day Race or long endurance (75-110miles)

For me, if I race on Sunday, I am usually feeling very well rested with two rest days prior. However if it is a really hard day, I am usually not fully recovered by the following Tuesday. I prefer to race on Sat as I am usually fully recovered from Thursday's effort (especially if I only do 30-40miles) and then have Sun and Monday as recovery days.

With my limited history of quality miles and training, the recovery days are AT LEAST as important for me as the hard training days. They way I am riding right now, I HAVE to have those 4 recovery days during the week to, well, recover from my 3 hard days. If I don't need those 4 full recoery days, I didn't ride hard enough on my 3 hard days.

Oh, I had 1400-1500 miles of base prior ramping my training up in March. I'm 30, which also affects my recovery.

(and I didn't sleep in Holiday Inn Express)..... LOL!CARBON110
Jun 6, 2003 7:46 AM
I hope no one take the scheduel up that I posted. It took me a long time and very specific work to get there. I think the above or any weekly hours where you see performance are good and healthy. I get to ride my bike 20 hours a week when I need to and I have a coach to perfect it. Start out small and build up is the most accurate general advice I think. In a four week process I would say it goes like this:

week one: 12-14hours
week two:14-17hours
week three: 17-21hours
week four:10 hours

This is including 3 hours of weights evey week except rest weeks only have one. That was my scheduel March 27th before I got hit by a car. I hope to be back to it by mid August. My form is coming back rapidly and I have only been riding for 4 days. Right now my week looks like this until my foor heals:

Tues: 1.5 hours High cadence and Single pedal drills (yuch)Crunches and upper body weights
Wed:2.0 hours high cadence
Thurs: same as Tues +weights and crunches
Fri: same as Tues
Sat.2.0 Tempo zone 2 high cadnce + weights and crunches
Sun.Same as Sat

I cant ride on hills yet :( I ride all of this at our Velo-Track and I love every Frickn moment :D
My first ride since March I could take my verst off,eat,and talk on my cell with no hands. I was surprised since I thought I would lose my sense of balance after losing so much muscle in my right leg.

I think a sched. like noveread is perfect for time restraints not to mention to me trianing is an on going learning process