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Training for Crits ??spitze
Jun 1, 2003 12:23 PM
Today I competed in my first Crit. It was 60 laps, 60 km. (I race in cat 'C' in Germany, which is the lowest category. However, friends tell me that cat c is equivalent to Cat 3 in the USA.) Right off the bat I thought I'd never catch my breath and knew that I was in trouble. I lasted about 15 laps before getting booted. I've had decent training so far this year: good base, lots of hill work, 8 decent races so far this year, and I train & race about 10 hours/week. Our club doesn't do much speedwork & I can feel it. Last year I raced only MTB & pushed my aerobic/anerobic limits every week. --There are some very tough mtb races in Southern Germany & Austria! Anyway, How do you train for Crits? Also, is 45 kph fast for a crit? I'm looking for excuses....
re: Training for Crits ??hrv
Jun 2, 2003 1:46 PM
Last year I could barely hang in the 1/2 hour crits and now
I'm finishing the 1 - 1.5 hour crits, and moving up in position each week. The basics that have helped me are staying in the front third of the pack, no loss of position in the corners, and staying in the drops for the duration of the race. Placing in a crit requires speedwork but you need to finish to place and for me that required greater muscular endurance. Training for and doing several time trials helped greatly for that.

Found a good link to help with the speedwork part:

good luck,
45 kph is fast, do more speedwork...Spunout
Jun 3, 2003 3:02 AM
you'll need to train at 45 kph before you can race at that speed, so intervals are the key.

A fast club ride is a start, but intervals will fill the gaps when you need to have the power to keep with the peleton in the surges.
Technical side of riding?filtersweep
Jun 3, 2003 9:16 AM
60 laps? If it was a "square" course, that is 240 corners! And there could well be even MORE corners if the route were mixed up a bit. I'd be dizzy. Seriously, it sounds like nothing BUT cornering- if that were the case, you might want to approach it like a "technical" mtn biking course.
racing in germanybrad nicholson
Jun 3, 2003 4:30 PM
how hard would it be for me to join a club or team in germany to race with as an american? i am about to live there. i want to race cyclocross and road. any information would be a big help. email me at
One word... intervals!! nmJBergland
Jun 4, 2003 4:52 AM
One word... intervals!! nmspitze
Jun 4, 2003 11:19 AM
Thanks for all the replies; it's good to hear from experienced riders. This past winter I read the 'Cycling Bible' and had a great plan for the spring. However, it works easier on paper than in action. I can do hills like there's no tomorrow and have fun doing them. It's easy to stay energized and aggressive. But I don't have a good guage for intervals. After starting an 'Interval' day I either get board or tired and the workout just fizzles out. I havn't had a decent interval day this year. What is the most effective way to do intervals? With a partner? 1 minute at max LTR and 2 minutes easy x 10? How often?