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How To Integrate Commuting and Training(4 posts)

How To Integrate Commuting and TrainingSharkman
May 28, 2003 10:16 AM
I have a 25 mile each way commute to work. About a month ago, I started using an old touring bike to make the commute. Am shooting for 3 days per week, maybe 4, as I always have to drive a car on Monday due to family obligations.

I have been putting in tons of miles, but am concerned that they will all wind up being junk miles. Does anyone have any insights as to how to schedule intensity workouts into a schedule that is

Monday - off
Tuesday - commute, 50 miles total
Wednesday - either commute (can drive partway and reduce to 35 miles, or stay with the whole 50 miles)
Thursday - usually drive, local bike club has time trial series that evening.
Friday - commute, 50 miles total

Saturday and Sunday - group rides, races.

Occasionally will race crits on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and adjust schedule to accomodate.

Thanks in advance.
re: How To Integrate Commuting and TrainingTime Trial dot org
May 30, 2003 5:32 AM
structure some hard rides in to your lower mileage days
re: How To Integrate Commuting and Trainingdaveo
May 30, 2003 10:04 AM
i address my commute time as i would winter miles...mellow and steady working on a smooth spin and high caidence. since you have a decently long commute i would suggest spinning easy to work to gently work out the kinks and stay loose. on the way home warm up the same way for 10-15 min then mix in some short harder efforts or work on tempo (if you feel good). if you try and hammer to work or immediatly afterwords youll over work you body. it sounds like you have enough hard rides. you will be amazed how riding mellow but consistantly with a high caidence (in a mellow gear) will give you a huge endurance base to that will keep your legs supple and ready for those harder efforts. the main point is too mix it up not over do it and enjoy riding, that will give you the biggest reward regardless...hope this helps...daveo
re: How To Integrate Commuting and Trainingjim gravity
Jun 2, 2003 9:44 AM
With that many races/group rides/time trials, you'll want to do all your commuting in the little ring, going as slow as possible. The important thing is to make your hard rides count and to do everything else as easy as you can. You want to be as fresh as possible for two hard workouts per week. Do three or four medium/hard workouts in one week every fourth week. Do one really easy week the following week. Think about what you want to improve about your riding (sprints, hills, tt) and make sure you are rested for the rides that focus on those aspects.