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Every thing wrong (ride report)(2 posts)

Every thing wrong (ride report)jradford
May 28, 2003 6:49 AM
Once again it was Tuesday night race time here in Edmonton. Well the race was to start about 40km east of the city. Some members of my team decided that they were going to ride out to the race so I decided to join them, mistake number one. The ride out to the race had a tail wind and seamed to be down hill most of the way so the ride went by fairly fast. As we are riding out the members ask me what group I would be riding tonight. Well I won the C group two weeks ago and had 2nd in the TT last week (sorry for no ride report on the TT but I find writing about those boring). Well you should be racing B then, If you win the group bellow you should move up or you will not get a good workout and that's what these races are for. Well we pull up to the sign in area and well I sign up for B, mistake number two. I run into some guys that I used to ride with last year and I left there team because they did not race they just had group rides, well I guess that has changed.

The group A's line up and off they go. 2min latter off we go. Well I end up near the back of the group going into the first corner, mistake number 3. Two weeks ago I could stay at the back and had the energy and power to stay with them when we came out of the corners. Well the first lap I tried to move my way up to the front but the further I moved up the less people there seamed to be at the back so I was still there. Second lap did not last long for me. After having to jump hard out of the corners to keep up with the group my legs just gave up and I am now watching the group ride away.

I did 3 laps out of 4 and when I was finishing my 3rd lap the A group was finishing. After the A's finished I now have to ride home, I would call this mistake number four but its just a carry over from number 1 because I now have to ride home. Well I hung on with two of my team mates for most of the ride home but with 20km left to go I let them go because they where dropping me every time the road would turn up. The last 20km hurt a whole bunch and by the time I got home I was completely done.

Well next race I will race with the group B's again but next time I will fight for a spot up near the front just a little bit harder. I really need to start putting in more km's and training a little better.
Sounds perfect!53T
May 29, 2003 9:30 AM
Training = overload + adaptation. Did you read that book?