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How important are LSD rides during the race season?(2 posts)

How important are LSD rides during the race season?Gall
May 27, 2003 4:27 PM

As of late I ve only been doing "break through " workouts. I havent done any long zone 2 rides. I am starting to notice a decline in my performance. I am thinking that its becuase I ve been skipping my LSD rides.

I started this season a lot stronger then last. Now early on, I am starting to suffer. I'm hoping that its simply the lack of the LSD rides.

Thanks for your advice!

I think they're importantMcAndrus
May 28, 2003 5:47 AM
You mention "breakthrough workouts" and I'm not sure what they are but I gather you're working to some sort of training plan.

The most popular methods I know of are from Friel and his Cyclists Training Bible. Friel recommends at least one LSD ride a week - for most training periods.

There could be two things going on with your form: one - you've gone passed your peak or two - you're simply overtrained.

Going passed your peak is normal and I think everyone who trains to a plan has two or three peaks a year. Overtraining is another issue.

I'd say in general, yes, LSD rides are important throughout the year.