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strange heart-rate problem...(2 posts)

strange heart-rate problem...morency
May 24, 2003 1:58 AM
on heavy traininrides my heartbeat stays incredibly high (90-100% of max (my max is 194), with a very bad recuperation, I ride with that heartrate for 1 or 2 hours without trouble, but I'm not able to go faster than 25Miles/Hr. When taking at least 1gram magnesium a day, my maximum heartbeat drops to around 180 and I get a better recuperation, at 25Miles/Hr I get a heartrate around 155-160, and I'm still able to push more for a while. anyone has the same problem?
I think this is what you are sayingKerry
May 24, 2003 5:02 PM
You are saying (I think) that your "heavy training ride" HR drops from 175-195 to 155-160 by taking "at least" 3X the RDA of magnesium, plus you get faster recuperation. Plus you are saying that your max HR drops with this supplementation.

First of all, your max is your max, and it doesn't jump all over like this. Also, an HR that you can sustain is not your max. How are you determinining max HR? It's not just the highest you hit on a given ride, but determined by something like an ergometer test or a super hard effort on a hill climb.

Second, a typical HR during a time trial (sustained effort as hard as you can keep it) is 90% of max, so it doesn't make sense when you say you are going at 100% of your max in what sounds like a time trial situation.

Third, few people can hold 25 mph for a duration (thats a 60 minute, 40 km time trial) so is that your peak speed, or are you a category 1 racer?

Finally, you are not likely magnesium deficient in a normal diet. One serving of "non-fortified" breakfast cereal with milk is 20% of the RDA (RDA = 350 mg) and there are plenty of other places to get Mg. Your numbers are your numbers, but it all sounds goofy to me.