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Where are the race reports?(21 posts)

Where are the race reports?triple shot espresso
May 19, 2003 2:51 PM
If I didn't know better I'd think you were all burned out already.
re: Where are the race reports?flyinbowlofmilk
May 19, 2003 7:43 PM
Well here is my race report. I went to a Crit in Greenville,N.C.(East Carolina Crit). It was the 1st there. Anyway I got upand got something to eat before the Crit. I got to the crit and proceeded to register for the Cat5 crit. Well to my suprise we had a small field of 7 Cat5 racer and 1 Junior racer. The crit. started off with 2 Cat 5 racer didn't line up,which brought us down to 5 cat racer and 1 junior. I was surprised to see how no one decided to try a breakaway. The crit was for 30 mins. There was only 2 breakaways in the whole Cat 5 crit . I made attempt to breakaway from the field of 6 racer(including the 1 junior racer). Well they caught me after a one lap and a half. Then the real breakaway happen and I was spent by that time. I manage to get lapped after my attempt at a breakaway. I then turned around and manage to stay in 2nd place behind the Cat5 leader until there was 2 laps to go. After that the rest of the Cat 5 field passed me,and I manage to finish the crit in 5th out of Cat 5 racer, that minus the 2 who didn't come to the start line .


dude you know what happened at Elam, so I say this in only the politest of wayslonefrontranger
May 19, 2003 8:52 PM
shove it up your bum, my friend.

Tally for the weekend:

* (teammate): 1 destroyed bike, helmet & jersey plus a back full of road rash after the P/1/2 field rode through the Women's 4s right at the last cattle guard crossing and shoved her into the gap.
* (other teammate): dehydration & a hospital visit
* (me): 85-mile RR that saw me as the first one dropped on the first climb; add to that a RH shifter that threw a G-spring 10 miles into the day, for 75 miles of crappy friction shifting. DFL and 37 minutes down on the next finisher, and lemme tell you that shifter was a fun challenge in the crit the next day (not). I about did a Hamilton over the bars coming out of that fast backside corner when I thought I had a gear and it slipped. 28th of 40 in the crit, riding half of the race off the back in 40mph crosswind.

My metrics for the RR, according to the Polar download:

- 85.6 miles total
- 17.5 mph average speed, 51.2mph max
- 77 rpm average cadence, 141 max
- 167 average HR, 187 max
- 4 hours 47 minutes on the road
- 9,342' total elevation gain

And to top it all off, that nagging feeling of "something ain't right" that's been hounding me for the past week resolved itself into a full-bore pissing razorblades + 103 fever ragin' UTI on Sunday night.

There now, aren't you glad you asked?
Ouch and yep, I am glad I asked.triple shot espresso
May 20, 2003 7:28 AM
I love hearing about the hard times as well as the gravey times. I'm still waiting for the results to come out on the Elam crit, I think I was in the top 45 or so. I thought the RR was a blast despite the crazy protest at the end. I'm not sure what our average speed was but it had to be around 24 mph cause we were done in 3:30. I couldn't believe how fast we went for so long, guys were taking pulls at 42.5 mph and then looking at me wondering why I couldn't pull through.

So did the thrown g-string cause the UTI?? What are you wearing those things for in a race anyway?

I'll see you in a couple of weeks and regale you with stories of the Snake.
pulls at 42.5 mph?DougSloan
May 20, 2003 9:09 AM
You serious? Was this downhill?

I agree; you can learn more from the hard times stories than the good ones.

Yep 42.5 mph.triple shot espresso
May 20, 2003 10:19 AM
It was rolling and downhill, not very steep coming back and I think we had a tail wind also, we were absolutely flying. It was an out and back, I doubt we were under 30 for very long on the way back.
don't you wave that thing at me!lonefrontranger
May 20, 2003 9:27 PM
Keep your Snake taunts to yourself, boyo. I'm looking forward to getting my ass handed to me on the 2 miles of 10% average or whatever the heck it is they talk about on the first stage up in Missoula.

Speaking of G-springs, the rest of the story on that shifter is actually pretty cool. We can only figure that somehow the guts of the thing got knocked out of whack in my crash at Niwot, yes nearly a year ago, and it's been quietly tearing itself apart on the 4,000-odd miles I've ridden ever since, though there is no obvious external or cosmetic damage, not even a scuff mark to indicate impact.

The reason we think this, is that's the only way to explain the complete carnage we discovered inside that Record shifter when I took it apart today. Both G-springs were either broken or mashed, the inside ratchet was stripped, and the return spring is busted. Replaced the mangled bits ($35 worth of parts) and it's good as new. The crazy part is that there's absolutely no damage (cosmetic or otherwise) to the outside of the shifter, despite the chaos wrought on the internals. I'll tell you, if that damage did happen at Niwot, and that's the ONLY time those levers ever saw impact, then it's a testament to Campag that it worked flawlessly for as long as it did. I had absolutely no idea the thing was damaged until it completely failed on Saturday - one minute it was working fine, next minute kaput. Even then I could still shift into all ten cogs, albeit friction-wise and not terribly predictably.

I have never in all my shop days seen anything like it. I've seen stuff like one G-spring work loose, or entire shifter bodies mangled in crashes that needed that much rebuilding. I'm almost proud of myself, in a sick way.
Niagara Classic Crit. Senior 3 report: Warning: Pavement surfingSpunout
May 20, 2003 3:14 AM
Packed in with the Juniors and Masters, good field of 70 on an 800m manhole, pothole infested screamer.

First third, I yo-yo around the back. Second third, hold in the top 20. Last third, race is shut down by a big team with riders bridging the break. I fly off the front for awhile(getting my team announced on the PA is better than nothing), but why tow the race with three laps to go?

Now, when the race gets shut down from the front, three laps to go, everyone is jammed up behind them. Alot of bumping and yelling in the corners, but the straights should be safe, right? NOT! Nobody wants to push past the blockers on front, so why take out your frustrations on me!

I settle 10 down three laps to go, two juniors in front of me bump and immediately smack the pavement...on the straight in front of the stands at 50km/h. I do a front wheel stand breaking, and keep these kids safe, then BOOM! I'm nailed from behind. $hit! If I can stop, why can't the degenerate behind me do the same? I'm down, spinning like a top. Some grunt runs me over to stay with the pack. I get back on the bike(ambulance had to mop up a few here), I've lost the peleton and finish the race DFL(many DNFs before me though) in my class; I was eyeing top five in my class, top 10 overall before that crash.

Next time, I'm placing. Better positioning, and smarter use of my energy when a big team wants to control the race. Suck wheels, sprint fast.
Niagara Classic Crit. Senior 3 report: Warning: Pavement surfingkenyonCycleist
May 20, 2003 6:59 AM
i was in that race too and a few places ahead when the crash happened...that blocking bs was really pissing me off..especially on such a small cit course....just sneaked around on the inside when they blocking w/ 3 to go and managed 7th in the end.
I jumped four to go, nobody else wanted to play...Spunout
May 20, 2003 7:21 AM
I was the OBC rider (only one). I guess nobody else was organized enough to ride around them. Not a job I could do alone.

That crash sucked, I was setting up for a similar position as yours. I continued, but was too far behind. Driving six hours to a race isn`t fun when that happens.
I jumped four to go, nobody else wanted to play...kenyonCycleist
May 21, 2003 9:20 AM
where ya from...i from the pittsburgh pa area
Ottawa (Ottawa Bicycle Club)Spunout
May 23, 2003 2:57 AM
You came a long way! I drove six hours to be blocked by a crash three laps to go.

I see there are other Niagara events which allow out-of-province riders, do you do these often?

If you want do do a road circuit race with great hills, come to Ottawa July 12th for the OBC Grand Prix.
Ottawa (Ottawa Bicycle Club)kenyonCycleist
May 24, 2003 5:52 AM
that me first non-us races....the turn-out was great compared to the local races here in PA..i have another question: how do they do categories in a cat. 3 in canada the same as a cat 3 in the us??
Senior 3 is entry level; so comparable to Cat 4/5 in US.Spunout
May 25, 2003 3:46 AM
Three levels makes it easier for race promoters to schedule, I guess. That race we rode was Junior, Senior 3, Masters BCD(I think). It was a pretty good group until the crash. Seventy starters on an 800m loop is cool.

It is a big jump, if you upgrade from Senior 3 you're riding in the Pro 1/2 race! I have a backout in that I can go to Masters A WHEN that happens.
That's the breaks, huh?hrv
May 20, 2003 8:15 AM
Sort of similar story here. Fourteen laps, 2 mile loop. Last corner leading into final straight found myself in almost perfect position, had the wheel of a known player,
was in the zone.

Was 3 guys over from corner and the middle guy couldn't hold
his line and nailed me. Worked like a dog to not go down, and I didn't, and luckily didn't get rear-ended, but slowed to a crawl. Of course, with everyone winding it up at that corner, I had no chance. That's bike racing.

we'll get them next time!
Here's mine! My 3rd crit, and not dropped, yehaw!noveread
May 20, 2003 11:53 AM
Ah yes, another crit. Not sure what it is that keeps me coming back for more of these things. They're just so freakin' hard! This is my third crit and if you've read my other reports, you must be really bored and also aware that in 90minutes of competition I have lasted with the main pack for about 30 minutes! Oh, there was that ABR crit back at the end of March, but I don't count that one as it was not typical of a USCF crit. Even the Tuesday practice crits are significantly harder than that ABR crit. But anyway, onto my report of the Wheels on Willy Criterium.

I've noticed that I have been getting stronger every week (thankfully), and after the last couple of weeks I was hoping for a good race. Maybe top-20? I guess I have a selective memory and ignored the fact that I haven't even finished on the lead lap of a crit yet! Oh well, I would be harshly reminded of that fact shortly into the Willy crit!

The race, hosted by the Brazen Dropouts Team had drawn great weather. Not too hot for the racers yet still comfortable for the spectators (yes, there were spectators!) to hang out in shorts and Ts. I have to say thanks to the Brazens Dropouts as this race was very well managed. Good parking, great organization and most excellent atmosphere! This last bit got me into a bit of trouble as I was supposed to go for a ride after the race but I ended up just sitting around with Dave and John instead. In fact, John was planning on racing in the 4/5 race but got into a bit of a prang earlier in the day that kinda took him out of action. Or at least took his bike out of action. Maybe I should have claimed I crashed on my trainer during my warm-up???

Enough of the blabbering, time to get on to the comedic relief portion of this report! So 65 fellow masochists lined up at the starting line. The home stretch is a nice gentle grade. The first thing I thought about was to make sure I managed to clip-in and avoid tipping over into the announcer's tent! I could just envision having trouble clipping in, and then catching a foot with the toe-overlap on my bike and over I'd go! That would have been quite a moment! Not to worry though, clipped in and we were off! And were we ever! The field took off like a scalded cat! We were just flying those first few laps! The boys up front must have been trying to eject the pack fodder out the back as the pace was just brutally fast. Ha-Ha! Not today you putzes! I managed to hold on to the group and the pace eased just a bit after about 12 minutes or so. Once I managed to stick my lungs back in my chest, I looked around to assess the situation. I was in no condition to count, but the pack seemed noticeably smaller. So I am still there, but it's not like I am in any great position. I'm pretty much at the tail of the peloton holding on.

As much as is possible in one of these crits, I used to middle part of the race to try and recover a bit. But it was hard in the 4/5 race to recover. The speed variations in and out of the corners were just ridiculous. Especially out of turn 4 onto the home stretch. This one I just didn't understand as to why they slowed down so much. This was by far the slowest of the corners. The road is wide, smooth and not too badly pitched. But for some unknown reason these guys would slow way, way down, and then sprint out, of course. Nothing like the A race on Tuesday. Those guys could corner! There weren't too many sketchy riders today, but there were a couple. One took himself out in turn 2 when he tried to go up the outside in the gutter. No go. He curbed himself when the outside riders came to the outside out of the turn. It wasn't totally his fault, but he was asking for it as he should not have been there.

Turn 2 was pretty evil. From turn 1 to turn 2 it is downhill, the roads are kinda rough, but not bad, but they have that domed cross-section so the outside is pitched to the outside. Also, about 10yds past the corner is one of those pavement buckles, it's like
...the rest of the story...noveread
May 20, 2003 11:54 AM
Also, about 10yds past the corner is one of those pavement buckles, it's like a 2" speedbump. It's located right where you are really accelerating hard out of the corner. On one pass, as I was leaning on the pedals, my back wheel jumped up when I went over the bump. The back end of the bike got a little sideways in the air and when the wheel came back down, I could hear that sound of rubber catching pavement. Can't really describe the sound, but if you ride a lot, you probably know what I am talking about. The sound a tire makes when it hits the pavement at speed but not correctly aligned. I took particular note of that little gem for the rest of the race!

So the sprint-brake-sprint-brake-sprint-brake sequence that is a crit continued on. About 30 minutes into the race I decided to see if I could move up in the field. The accordion effect was killing me and I knew it was due to my position. I worked my way to about halfway up the pack, maybe just ahead of halfway, but the accordion was still present and I was hurtin' again with the effort to move up. Shortly thereafter, I was at the back again! Oh well.

I think it was 3 laps from the end that there was a bad crash of about 5 guys in turn 2. One guy crashed into the gutter and was not moving. The crash happened a bit in front of me. I had no problem missing the carnage as I was on the inside of the turn, but the field broke up a bit as a result. We pushed it hard to get back with the front part of the race, but it was a serious effort and the race was on for the finish at this point. The guy in the gutter didn't move for the rest of the race as he was attended to, which added one more thing to think about in turn 2. The pace was pegged again on the last couple of laps and on the last lap, things broke up just a bit. I think I came across the line just inside the top 30. Kinda annoyingly, they only posted the top 23 results so I don't know for sure where I was. But I think I was around 30th. The race averaged just over 25mph which was really moving considering how much we slowed down for some of those corners (and always slow in turn 4).

So, I'm still no crit monster, but it could have been worse, I could have been one of the many that got dropped or didn't finish! When I get to the point where I can contest a crit, I know I will no longer be pack-fill!

Wow, that was kinda long-winded.

That's it!
...the rest of the story...BeeCharmer
May 21, 2003 3:36 AM

Great report on the Wheels on Willy race. One correction, though: I was most definitely helped to the gutter on turn 2 by a squirrel drifting all the way across the road, who pushed me off with his elbow/bike. Thank god for the mattress on the pole I hit (I think my sleep number is 75). I used the free lap and got back in the race only to lose ground after the big crash and got 34th, right at the back of the pack in the finish. Do you think there was some blocking going on in those turns? I couldn't figure out why we would slow to 19 in the 4th corner and then sprint on the hill. I looked at the speedo on the second lap and the pack was rolling along at 31 up that hill.

The fellow in the gutter regained consciousness when I took my cooldown lap and was taken to the hospital; he hit the curb with his forehead according to a coach at the corner.

It certainly was a great sprinting workout! Keep up the good work and one of these races I'll find you and say hello.

ne iowa
Dude, this is too wierd...noveread
May 21, 2003 6:21 AM
That was you going up the left gutter? This is just way too freaky! First the practice crit last year, then Waterloo, now Willy.

How did you find your result at 34th? When I checked the posting, they only went down to 23rd. I figured I was just about 30th or just inside the top 30, so if you were 34 that would make my estimation about right.

Yeah, turn 2 was just downright evil. I'd been told that you definitely wanted to be on the inside of that corner. Glad you came out of it fine! Still way too wierd that that was you though.

No freakin' clue why those nimrods had such an issue on the corners. I don't think it was blocking becuase they team that took 1st and 2nd only had two guys in the race. While one of them did spend a fair amount of time off the front, I don't think his teammate was blocking, at least according to my friedns that were watching.

That certainly was a fun race to be at Chris. Very cool atmosphere. You doing the Quad Cities thing this weekend? I'm actually off racing for a couple of weeks noe (except for the Tuesday night crits).

Drop me a line whenever.

Andy (Noveread)
what I learned about small-field racing.bill
May 20, 2003 12:56 PM
Cold rain falling. Cold and wet. Cold and wet. When will it stop being cold and wet?
Small Cat 5 field. About 20-25 guys, including a couple of citizens in rain jackets. Snob that I am, I think, if these guys contend, I'm hanging up my cleats. Fortunately for my fragile middle-aged ego, they would get lapped a couple of times.
Right from the gun, a fit-looking unattached rider goes off the front. He's either very, very strong, or he thinks we are very, very weak and very, very stupid. Future events would favor the latter conclusion -- he eventually got lapped, too. Apparently, he got fit from doing something other than riding his bike. I guess he thought it was easy.
Pax Velo outnumbered any other team by some multiple -- Snow Valley had a couple of guys, one guy from NCVC, a couple of other teams represented. The Pax Velo guys are a feisty bunch, and they did a nice job (pretty nice guys, too). They controlled the race; they even had a plan that sort of worked. They have a time-trial type who kept the pace high, rotating with teammates.
I knew that the NCVC guy was strong and a good, steady rider, so I got on his wheel. With a pretty high pace, not much cover from the low number of riders, in the rain, and one very wacky 120 degree turn at the bottom of a little steep, the race was mostly a single paceline.
You know, if you're tenth in line in a 50-rider race, this would be considered the front. In this race, though, it can become the rear of the pack, as I was about to learn the hard way.
About 3/4 through the race, I was on the wheel of a Pax Velo guy, and there's a surge at the front. This was not the first time that the wheel in front of me had allowed a gap to form and I had to go around. This time, however, the boys in the front really started to race, and, by the time I realized that I had to go around, the race was up the road.
Six or seven guys were in that group, and behind me was -- nobody. Nobody to work with. I would have suspected that the gapping was intentional, except that who would go through that trouble for jes li'l ol' me? Everyone else had been shed pretty good -- and I didn't even realize that I was the end of the train. I tried to chase back on for the next three laps or so solo, but I'm sorry to report that I ain't that strong. I got as close as maybe 100 yds at one point, but then they started to pull away again. Thinking, this is silly, I sat up.
Finally, a group of three had started to work together behind me, and I hooked up with them.
So, about when the lead group finished, my little group of four shed two riders, and I beat out this Pax Velo guy in a tight but fairly desultory sprint for seventh.
Good clean fun, though.
Oh, the winner was a Junior. Seventeen y/o. Had finished third in the Junior race (although the top three, all Snow Valley guys, finished together, holding hands).
re: Where are the race reports?JAishima
May 20, 2003 1:41 PM
The Berkeley Hills Road Race, two laps of pain!
(May 11, so this was actually a week ago)

Though our friend shirt couldn't be there, I showed up to this, my second race, with the hope that I'll be with the front group this time (instead of chasing with the 2nd group, like at Wente). A cool morning for a 7:55 start for the cat 5 group, I feel more warmed up than last time. Thought more warming up will keep me from being dropped off the front group.

Well, Mama Bear hits, the pack gets broken up. Another thing I was going to do was stay up front. Didn't do that. So I start behind the leaders and fall behind a bit more on the climb. End of story. Four of us start a chase group at the top of San Pablo Dam Rd. and we work together for the rest of the race. I wonder how I hung on for the whole 2 laps as during the pacelines, I can barely pull and when I try to catch the back of the paceline after pulling, I'm almost not making it (especially the 2nd time down San Pablo Dam).

But we stayed together, passed some other cat 5 and Master 45+? riders, until the very end. One of the other riders asked if I was going to sprint up the last hill (we'd met at the Wente race, where I did that). I said no way. I think the paceline of 4 vs. 7 at the previous race took it out of me. Final time up Mama Bear, sure enough, I'm behind this guy and another as our group gets split up into at least 3 pieces. Finish 22nd in cat 5.

I'd been told this is one of the harder races and I can see why. That might bode well for future races that I might try, though, I'll probably be able to survive them! But I still have to climb a bit better to stay with the front group... (and get a lighter bike and wheels and......)