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First Racing experience and an unexpected result.(5 posts)

First Racing experience and an unexpected result.jradford
May 14, 2003 7:24 AM
It was a nice sunny night last night around 6:00pm when I pulled up to the parking area for the first road race of the Edmonton Tuesday night race series. (Tuesday nights are the practice races around here). The cars are park on both sides of the road and people and bikes are moving like ants. I pull my newly built Look KG 96 with full Ultegra and Cane Creek wheels off the top of the van and proceed to pull myself together. I clip in and ride over to the largest group of people and proceed to stand in line to signup for the first time. While in line I start conversation with a man in the line. This is his third race and he says he won the C group his first time out last year. (the race breaks into three groups A the best C the bottom). I pay for my race $2 and $5 for my number that I have to keep for the year and if I return it at the end of the year I get the $5 back, yea like the number will be in one peace by the end of the year. I pin my number on. I run into a Cat 1 racer(I’m cat 4, the starting level around hear) that I have talked with a number of times. As he wishes me luck he says at lest your wearing the right jersey. (the green TDF jersey, our team kits are not in yet). I ride up the road to warm up and find that I am not as nervous as I though I would be. After about a 30 min warm up, the race official calls the A group to the line. As he is giving out instructions the official says the race will be 2 laps instead of 3 so the race is now 28km instead of 42km. He says go and the A’s leave at a nice slow pace in a large group. The B’s then pull to the line and the same instructions are given and they pull off in a nice big group and at a slow pace. As the rest of us C’s pull up the race official says that someone has asked if the C’s can be split into two groups. They want the experienced people up front and then the people would be doing this for the first time. Well I want a good workout so I go with the first group even though I have never raced before. Nine of us pull up to the line and off we go.

The pace off the start is much fast than the first two groups and into the first corner. The corner has lost of sand from the winter still on it so the group takes its time going around it. An older gentleman starts playing sleigh driver and has us doing a rotating pace line up the road. Well about 2 km in I decide to stretch my legs and I come out of the pack from about 3 down and fly by the front of the group. I get into a nice pace and I am now racing alone for the first time. I look down at my speedo and 53km/h shows up. That can’t be right I think, I can’t do over 50 by myself the speedo must be wrong. I later find out in the second lap that the section that I was on had a slight downhill. Well after sweating myself to death I realize this break is not going to work. The pack of 8 riders easily pulls me back in.

The sleigh driver says to the group that we should stay together until the second lap and then start racing. I think in my head that I should attack again just to throw a wrench into his plans, if only I had energy left to do that after the first attack. The first lap ends up being my recovery from the attack early in the race and as we start the second lap I am starting to feel better already.
First Racing experience and an unexpected result. part 2jradford
May 14, 2003 7:25 AM
We hit the third corner at a good pace and I’m in 4th spot. We jump out of the corner and spit 2 people off the back, the sleigh driver included. Now with him gone I might have a chance. Down this back strait there is now 7 of us left and we start a nice rotating pace line again. Well during this I miss a few of my rotations by staying at the back. I did not feel completely cooked but felt that I needed the rest. Well we take the 4th corner and start a climb of about 1.5km. The pace seams to be getting to everyone as the speed up this hill seams really slow. should I attack here? I don’t believe I have the energy to hold the pack off for the final 2km. We come over the hill and see the course up ahead. The road drops off and then has a small roller before a slight uphill finish. The pace starts to pick up and we are all clipping along pretty good. Two guys start to open a gap from the front of the group and of course I’m at the back. I come around the group and bridge up to the front two. Of course I have now just pulled the group up to the front two. The front two start to open up there sprint for the line and I think we are about 400m from the line. At 200m I’m still in 3rd and start to think that If I don’t start right now It’s all over.

I jump out of the saddle and start hammering towards the front two. 150m to go I have started to gain ground. 100m to go 2nd place is right beside me and I have my sights on1st. 50m 1st is hanging out in front of me and I start give every last bit to catch him. 20m 1st is still there will a catch him, I’m gain but did I go to late. 10m I’m really close. aaaaahhhhhhhh. as I lunge for the line.

My sprint rival and I spin our legs out down the road. I can barely catch my breath. We turn back towards the race official and the start finish line. I give my hand to my rival and say nice sprint, he extends his. The race official says he has the number for 3rd but missed 1st and 2nd. He walks up to me and looks at my number.

1st place #87.

First Racing experience and an unexpected result. part 2Cat 3 boy
May 14, 2003 7:49 AM
Nice ride mate, ain't it a great feeling!!!

Bet you can't wait to do it again :)

Cat 3 boy
Great ride and report! (nm)TFerguson
May 14, 2003 9:39 AM
re: First Racing experience and an unexpected result.Eric Marshall
May 14, 2003 8:08 AM
I also won my first race. Unfortunately, and you'll find this out too, it's all downhill from there :-)