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Cone-Azalia report: pain and suffering(3 posts)

Cone-Azalia report: pain and sufferingweiwentg
May 10, 2003 3:46 PM
Cone Azalia is a Roubaix-style race, with each circuit being 7 miles long, 2 of which are dirt roads. the other 5 are not much better. I ended up using 36-spoke OPs on the TCR, with eggbeaters. in a bonehead move, it seems I left my right shoe behind. argh!
we were divided into A, B and C categories. Bs did 5 laps (as it turns out, the 5 hardest laps of my freakin' life). the plan was to get to the front as soon as the gravel started, since someone was likely to crash. this happened. we mostly followed the plan. except for me; I ended up riding straight through the crash. I emerged unscathed. however, the pack was some distance away, and I ended up burning a lot of matches trying to catch them. this did not work. we did have some riders up with the main pack, but by the end of the race, we all dropped off (one guy flatted on the first lap and dropped out, one guy flatted and got dropped from the front, I have no idea about the rest) and finished together, quite far back from the leaders. I managed not to flat, but I never got back to the front again. a LOT of riders had mechanicals. I managed not to. but since we were divided into just 3 categories, the B riders had all abilities from cat 4 (guiltily raises hand) to fast cat 2s and masters. they covered the first lap well over 25mph. I have no idea how (or even if) they sustained that pace to the end. we were simply outridden (my team had 2 cat 4s and 5 or so cat 3s). the course was totally flat, and very windy. remember Frank Vandenbroucke said he was ten kilos too light for the cobbles? I'm probably ten kilos lighter than him.
some good news: I placed 23rd out of about 60 in the morning prologue. it would have been 22nd if I hadn't started 5 seconds late. this makes up for my last TT where I was a few places from last (improper pacing).
we still have one stage left, a 2km circuit (we do 30+ laps) with one hill. apparently this is a steep one. the finish isn't up the hill, sadly, but the line for the primes is. will the skinny climbers get their revenge? TBA...
re: Cone-Azalia report: pain and sufferingflyinbowlofmilk
May 11, 2003 5:43 PM
It's nice to hear from you Weiwentg. Sound like you had some of my luck yesterday. Well congradulations on finishing 23 out 60 rider ,you are good. I have to say that I am amazed at how you manage to come out unscathed from a wreck in front of you. If you tell me how you did it I would be greatful. As for me I have been slowly improving at a gradual rate. Not to mention learning how to avoid a water bottle at 22+ mph in a RR ,and a racer who brushed my wheel while in the pack. The joys of learning things in a Cat5 RR. Right now I am winding down from my 2nd Cat5 Crit in 2 weeks. One of them being a NRC event. How stupid can I be to do a NRC event for the 2nd year in a row? And that just as being a Cat 5. Oh well another Crit next weekend. Burnout city here I come. Good luck in the rest of the Stage race(Cone-Azalia). Sorry to hear that you had to use alot of energy to catch up with the front rider . I like to hear the rest of the report. E-mail me at


re: Cone-Azalia report: pain and sufferingweiwentg
May 12, 2003 5:13 AM
well, I had NO energy for the last stage, and the winds were at 30 mph. so I got dropped like a sack of boiling crap. after the leaders lapped me once (this is on a 2km circuit, mind you!) I had had enough.
for the Cone road race, I actually finished about 40th, with a bunch of teammates. the 23rd was in the prologue.