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Roubaix-style road race: TCR or cross bike(8 posts)

Roubaix-style road race: TCR or cross bikeweiwentg
May 8, 2003 4:37 AM
this Saturday I will be doing a Roubaix-style race with off road sections. I am debating whether to use the TCR or to put road wheels on the cross bike. suggestions? if anyone's from MI, it's the Cone-Azalia race in the Tour of SE Michigan.
have you tried the TCR on dirt / bumps?lonefrontranger
May 8, 2003 5:39 AM
My Dream handles dirt even better than my cross bike, partly due to the compact geometry (long, carbon seatpost). The Morgul, on the other hand, is a nightmare. You can never tell what makes a good gravel bike unless you try it out.

I'd be tempted to tell you to just use the TCR because in a road race, that 'cross bike is going to feel a bit like a boat anchor, if only due to the slower geometry. This from someone who raced a 26.5 pound Redline POS in crits for 2 seasons. In the Boulder-Roubaix, which is a pretty hardcore 'epic' dirt RR, you see about 95% road bikes, and the guys winning are not the ones on the 'crossers.
I was wondering where you were ... nmDougSloan
May 8, 2003 7:30 AM
May 8, 2003 4:37 PM
she handled well enough until I got stuck in gravel strip on a downhill. I crashed (at low speed) shortly thereafter.
looks like the good 'ol TCR, then. just hope the Zipps survive the ordeal. thanks!
next Q, road pedals or mtn pedals? nmweiwentg
May 8, 2003 4:55 PM
depends on the courselonefrontranger
May 8, 2003 8:05 PM
If it's flat, stick to road pedals, you'll need the support and power. I find my feet hotspot badly in MTB shoes on high-wattage stuff just by virtue of the flexier sole. Boulder Roubaix is flat and therefore a full road rig race; the only concession folks make is that they use their pit / beater wheelset, not the fancy ones (IOW I'd use a set of 32h Open Pro type wheels, not the Zipps if you can). However, the winning combo on the Koppenberg RR here in Boulder (another dirt devil's delight) is a road bike with MTB shoes / pedals. Why? Because the signature of the course is a 10 - 12% gutbuster doubletrack climb that the locals think is a blast to tear up on 4x4s, so it's loose and full of ruts. Assuming you have a full-out and unobstructed run at the thing, you can (probably) clean it without dismounting. However, if you take the wrong line, bobble just the slightest, get stuck in the wrong gear, or stuck behind some other poor clod doing any one of these, you're hoofing it for sure. IME roadie pedals and dirt (especially Speedplays) do not make comfortable bedfellows. If there's any chance you might have to dismount for something, stick to the MTB pedals.
it's completely flatweiwentg
May 9, 2003 4:52 AM
so, it's probably the speedplays. thanks!! will let you know how it goes.
don't forget the tiresjohnnyd
May 9, 2003 7:34 AM
you are going to want beefier tires than usual, regardless of which wheelset you choose. Last year I blew the sidewall out of my 23's on a dirt road section in a road race. This year I'm sticking with thick, heavy wire beaded 26's from Specialized(I forget the name of the model). It's a heavier tire, but the goal this year is to finish the race.