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Road Racing is insane!!!(5 posts)

Road Racing is insane!!!speedwolf
May 5, 2003 8:52 PM
Ok so on sunday I did the San Luis Rey Road Race in Socal.
My first road race by the way. I did cat 5 and was pretty excited but a little nervous about. The race starts out with a nice little climb and then a long, fast descent. When we got to the descent the pack was together and I was hanging out at the back staying out of trouble. I see a water bottle and I make sure I stay as far away from it as possible. Then I look back up and see this guy swerve off the road, he was braking for dear life but we were going too fast; the guy goes off the road and getsknocked around then he crashes into a tree or something, he screams and slams on the road. Ugly, just ugly, and I think i heard something on his bike snap, maybe the head tube or something. I have been racing mountain for a while and i have never seen anything as gruesome. It made the crash on the flat section of the course look like just a fall.
Anyway; guy I hope you are ok. And everybody should just keep pedaling. ROAD RACING IS AWESOME! INSANE BUT AWESOME!!
sort ofDougSloan
May 6, 2003 6:40 AM
Be careful about looking back to see accidents; more likely to cause or be involved in another.

I see a crash about every third race in the 4's or 4/5's. Much fewer in the masters.

Insane, sublime, it's all a matter of semanticsWill Ross
May 6, 2003 7:57 AM
Did my first race on Saturday, an all-Cat. 5 with 50 riders. I knew that hanging around at the back was the way to wind up in the middle of trouble rather than avoid it, but I wasn't comfortable enough with riding in such a large pack to find a spot closer to the front. And I didn't want to let a gap open that would cost someone else energy or a better placing. Coming over a hill on the first lap, I see a guy bouncing into the grass down the hill to my right. Of course, everyone gets on the binders, and a guy comes charging up over the brow of the hill from my left, trying to chase back on, and slams into the guy in front of me. Rather than swerve and/or grab the brakes, I squeezed the brakes to an extent that I knew wouldn't unbalance the bike and held my line, and by sheer luck, the rear wheel of the bike on the ground in front of me vacated my path a split second before my front wheel would have run over it. That brought an ambulance onto the course and left me to go into the red chasing back on ... after which I didn't last long. At least I learned something about my ability to deal with situations without panicking and grabbing the brakes -- and next time I'll try to ride a little further up. The guys at the back were definitely taking some scary risks to stay on, especiallly after hills where they'd lost ground. Insane maybe, but also lots of fun; can't wait to do it again.
So how did you do?Ken K
May 6, 2003 8:24 AM
Thanks for the report. I enjoy riding in that area (West Lilac, Camino Del Rey road etc.) as it lets you avoid all the traffic along the coast. Thought about checking out the race Sunday but ended up doing my own ride instead.

So what kind of speeds were you guys doing on the hill and on the descent? Were the roads still slick from the rain the night before? Hope the rider who crashed is doing ok.

You should have seen the Barrio Logan crit on Saturday...Bruno S
May 6, 2003 11:02 AM
a lot of riders that did San Luis Rey also did the Barrio Logan crit on Saturday. It rained very hard during the Masters 30+ (California and Nevada state championship). Riders were falling from the first lap. There must have been like ten crashes during the race. A 10 men break began almost immediatly. These guys went like there was no tomorrow from the start without fear of falling down. Those who survived eventually took the top 6 places. Very exciting and fun to watch. Nobody got seriouly hurt but one frame broke when the rider crashed into a light pole.