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Yep, that's it - I'm a "classics" rider... Hugo race report:(11 posts)

Yep, that's it - I'm a "classics" rider... Hugo race report:lonefrontranger
May 5, 2003 8:23 PM
I have never enjoyed myself more nor suffered longer in a race. Sixty-four miles of the worst wind and pavement combined that I have ever encountered. The course is out in East Jesus BFE Colorado where there's not even a tall blade of grass to hide behind. The road surface goes from radical chipseal, to ridiculously bad to ludicrously bad to holes you're thinking the Chinese Army is gonna climb out of, to dirt (the dirt was by far the smoothest part). I've never been in a gutter-to-gutter eschelon before, and prior to this, the only place I'd ever seen someone attack the eschelon then slam the whole field to the lee side and string them out in the gutter is on Belgian pro footage. It happened in our field on Saturday, repeatedly. Darn these chicks are hardcore. I have to hand it to the ladies, we had some great bike handling and I saw more than one fabulous save. I heard the Men's 4 was an endless crash-a-thon, but no one went down in our field despite a few wheel touches, some shoulder bumping and several forays offroad (bad roads, strong wind, struggling in the gutter, it happens). The crosswinds were absolutely vile.

The men 35+ Cat 4 and 55+ combined field of about sixty guys rode through us, then sat up about 10 miles in. They wouldn't get on up the road, so we had to deal with them for ages. In the end, when we got out on the main road, in the worst of the crosswind where they were enforcing yellow line, the strong girls took advantage of this fact by attacking the gaps, threading the needle and then letting the guys run interference, which they happily did. I gave one big guy a pretty solid head-butt (sorry dude!), but geez when the whole women's pack is shrieking at you to move right, could you please not bumble out into the attacking line? Terribly frustrating to have attacks go, and instantly have 4 or 5 guys slam across to the yellow line, especially with not one but 2 motor officials (one for each field) both screaming "yellow line" at the pack and doing diddly about the interference. This was in the crosswind and between the girls attacking and men getting all clumsy and antsy and most of their field having not a clue how to eschelon effectively, it tore both fields into itty bitty pieces. It was absolute chaos, guys were getting flats left and right, dodging big-freaking-assed tumbleweeds (the big ones will tangle you up and knock you straight down and are full of thorns to boot), riding off the road, swerving, cussing -- it looked just like Tour of Flanders, but with a lot more tumbleweeds and a lot less beer. Once our field shattered, I swept up four other ladies, and we rolled a nice eschelon until the turn into the tailwind. FYI, cattle trucks oncoming at 75+mph feel like a tsunami hitting you in that kind of howling wind, cross, head, tail, whatever it's not fun. The tailwind is apparently where the motorpacing and speedwork I've done this spring took over, because with very little effort, I just flat out rode the group off my wheel by nothing more than spinning and grinning. Got to the far side of the one climb in the race (box canyon) and realised I had a 300 meter gap, so I just put my head down and motored for the last 20 miles. Came in for 12th overall and 2nd place Cat 3 (again). Biggest 1/2/3 women's field I've seen all year, thirty-one starters all told.

Yo Zed, you got any butt cheeks left after that one? I can't believe you did 80 miles on those godforsaken roads, I would have died. This is weird, I have 2 perfectly symmetrical nicks on my quads where my Clif Shot packets (I keep gels in my leg bands on long RRs) wore holes in my skin from how rough that road was.
But frisson isn't in that report...shirt
May 5, 2003 9:04 PM
Once again, congratulations on being such a stud; thy ovaries swelleth.

A lot of our races in the central valley are just like yours, except windy. That's pretty cool that you guys have paved roads, too.

So I have yet another deep-blush victory race report, which I'm sharing only because nobody really knows me. Except allervite. Who's absent.

Until this weekend, I'd never done a mtb race before. Heck, I don't even have a proper mountain bike (15 year old, 34 lb. steel Trek, no suspension.) I decided to do the Lemurian Classic short course, just to see what it was all about.

Now, the race organizers called it SHORT, INTERMEDIATE, and LONG. They didn't say anything about "beginner," "intermediate," and "expert." I figured a seven mile climb up a fire road with 3k ft. vertical and a seven mile single track descent with stream crossings was enough to get my feet wet. (oh, hahaha!! haha! ha! eee...)

So half a mile up the climb I was so far off the front I couldn't see anybody behind me. Ever again. The immediate frisson of victory was quickly replaced by the feeling one gets when beating up children. You know. Luckily, I'd made a mental note of the course record and had something to shoot for. I beat it by two minutes, preserving at least the illusion of a scrap of dignity.

The great part about this is you can see what ol' shirt looks like, so you know where to plant the cold cock when we run into each other at the races. But, you'll have to read the report to figure out which one's me (I'm the one with mud on my face. Oh! Haha!)

Gotta love small town newspapers that have NOTHING to write about.

/damp shirt
frisson of victory was quickly replaced by ...noveread
May 6, 2003 7:33 AM
"The frisson of victory was quickly replaced by the feeling one gets when beating up children."

Too funny. Unfortunately I can't say this is something that has ever happened to me (or likely ever will!)

well, Peter...biknben
May 6, 2003 10:18 AM
We'll go easy on the sandbagging comments this time because it was your first MTB race. Next year you're gonna have to move up. :-)
no kiddingshirt
May 6, 2003 10:28 AM
I felt like I was in a sandbox pushing over all the 4-year olds who dared stand up.

Then again, I'll probably just keep my lycra-covered a$$ on the road where it belongs.

and that's: SHIRT.
May 6, 2003 8:01 PM
Sounds about like my first MTB race. They let me race beginner, once. Depending on the course and terrain, fit roadies can go through a MTB field like a hot knife through butter. I never did well on the super technical stuff, but a rolling short-track style course like we had in the Midwest was perfect.

I got SIX POINTS in the Men's 4 weeknight points race tonight!!!! Weeehah, take that you losers! To add insult to injury my teammate and I attacked them a couple times just to be snarky. A couple of chicks attacking a men's field is about as smart as poking sticks down a hornet hole, but the results were amusing. They didn't know whether to laugh at us or counter out of sheer embarrassment, and we wound up at one point with a pretty respectable gap. Too bad we couldn't get some decent horsepower to bridge across to us, or that would have been the race right there. My teammate was a lap down or I'd have worked to get her away as she's actually the better sprinter.
May 9, 2003 1:21 PM
Seriously though, I'm glad you tried a mountain bike race. LFR is partly right in her comment that "roadies will cut through a mountain bike race like a hot knife through butter." What I mean by partly right is that this comment would definitely apply to the lower MTB race categories. I think beginner MTB racers are far less focused on the fitness aspect of the sport than they are on bike handling. Get a highly trained fit roadie in there and they will certainly cause some damage (as you so successfully discovered). Assuming you had a good time, I think you should certainly try a Sport race next, if not Expert. No doubt you will find some good competition among the Sport racers in your age cat. And if you come race with us Experts, you will find that we are just as fit as most roadies (because most of us ARE roadies, after all why do you think I hang out on this board?) and can ride fast over any terrain to boot.
Great road raceBipedZed
May 6, 2003 5:35 AM
Great job on Saturday you are really doing well this year! I agree that was one of the hardest yet enjoyable races yet. Swift Cycling is making a huge contribution to Colorado racing.

I didn't think the roads were bad, but the crosswinds blew that race apart in the 3s. An early break got away on the headwind section that my team missed. We figured it would come back on the tailwind leg. All hell broke loose on the first crosswind section and I died a thousand deaths to make the selection trying to take shelter where I could find it. We were mostly single or double file in the gutter and any echelons that formed were blown apart when people wouldn't pull through correctly. It didn't let up on the tailwind section either as my leading chase group of 15 tried to reel in the break that was now down to 3. We never really organized and the break stuck. With 2K to go I decided to gamble and launch a solo attack right before the dirt section and try to TT it in, but I didn't have the legs left after 80 hard miles. Luckily my teammate got in behind me as I was fading and I ended up leading him out for the bunch sprint where he was just nipped at the line by a guy that had a teammate in the break and didn't have to work the entire 2nd half. Our team got 3 in the top 20 for BAT points so it was a good race for us. Gotta work on marking the early moves.
Great Course, Great Race, Bad HART resultstriple shot espresso
May 6, 2003 11:06 AM
I'm not sure if I would have liked the course were it not for the wind but out there you probably always have a good amount of wind. Unfortunately, the Haul'n Ass Race Team's new star rider didn't get a chance to show the 3s what he has. Derek Strong just upgraded after getting 3rd at Roubaix and crushing to victory at Carter Lake crashed hard about 20 miles into it. He's out for a while with a broken shoulder.
The cross winds were devastating. I went to the back of the pack at the wrong time and popped in the cross wind trying to get back to the front and find shelter. I almost didn't mind cause I had to whiz sooooo bad. I stopped relieved myself and recovered and then hammered the last 50 pretty much alone. About every 15 minutes or so I would run into a couple of guys, nobody wanted to go, I ended up around 4 mins down on the main field.

Sorry for messing with you Zed, we had a guy in the break and being the smart ass I am couldn't help but to give you guys some crap for not, you clearly had the dominant team at the race. I couldn't tell, was RRV chasing the break or blocking?
May 6, 2003 12:39 PM
I heard later there was a crash but I didn't know it had happened. I'm not sure what RRV was doing, and to tell you the truth I don't think he knew either. He was either actively blocking but crossing the threshold into pulling or just plain pulling. In the end he was toast and brought in the rear of the lead chase group.

We did miss the break but we were sure it would come back so we made some half hearted attempts to bridge. In hindsight we should have put someone in it right away or organized the team at the front to bring it back when we saw it was gaining time.

Coulda shoulda woulda.
Crash?triple shot espresso
May 6, 2003 2:11 PM
I don't know who did it excactly but somebody came across the road, this was about 20 miles into the race, looking for shelter and took out Fogdal, Derek, Martel and a couple of other guys that were towards the back of the pack. Derek got up and started riding agin but didn't get to far, did I mention he broke his shoulder, collar bone and thumb. Sucks, the guy is fit as hell and supermotivated.

Who's your team leader?