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> four mo lay off, cat 3 returns dazed/confused.(5 posts)

> four mo lay off, cat 3 returns dazed/confused.titansprodigal
Apr 30, 2003 7:48 PM
divorce stuff took me out of the saddle for about four months. Sure a ride here and there but not much more than a ride a week and squats/upper body at the gymn since december.
Got alot of slack from my racing buds at the last race, i didnt race. Just took photos. Ive gained 14lbs but will lose it in a hurry to 148racing wt, 5.8 in a month or less i bet.
Ive never been off the bike for so long and i want to race late july same cat. if i can get my times up. Ive started my new regimen of about 2hr rides 4x p/wk at my new lowered lt of 155 down from 176, one longer ride on the weekend. I was thinking moderate intensity for 4-6wks w/ a few hard fun rides mixed in then starting some harder rides at maximum? Freil is good stuff but i just get burned out w/ all the numbers and formulas. Too much of that at work.
Forget Frielmass_biker
May 1, 2003 7:16 AM
And ride based on how you feel. The Friel obsession with numbers and formulas just complicates things (for me, anyway).

If you want to be competitive in July, spend May just refining your base fitness. For your 4x 2 hour rides, do the last 30 minutes faster than the first 90 - that works wonders. Make sure at least one of these is a hill ride. On weekends, try to hook up with groups for longer rides - the changes in pace/town line sprints etc. will allow you to get back into the mode of what it is like to race again (i.e. having someone else dictate the pace). Do this for 1 - 1.5 months. Two weeks before the onset of your racing season, do a mileage block - 3 days or so (best over a weekend) - Fri 2-3+ hours/Sat 6+ hours/Sun 4-5 hours and then rest up for a week or so before jumping into the racing thing.

I would recommend M + F as rest days, Tu/We/Th as shorter/harder days and Sa or Sa/Su as endurance days. You were racing before and should be able to get back into the swing of things quite easily but make sure you rest enough too (M + F).

I am a journeyman Cat 3 who has little/no time to train and I can hold my own against folks with a lot more time/energy on their hands. The trick is being efficient and building from week to week very gradually.

Good luck.

Forget Frieltitansprodigal
May 1, 2003 8:55 AM
i agree all those formulas just rattles me, i have learned some from his book- build in phases, and prioritizing races. thanks for your valuable input. Im just leary about getting impatient and starting a season over trained.
Ive pushed my body for five years so im hoping it'll have some memory.
Forget FrielNo_sprint
May 1, 2003 12:56 PM
It's too much for me as well though I've sucked a lot of great concept out of it.
True: Concept, Periodization..Spunout
May 2, 2003 4:00 AM
The effort vs. rest and planning is great, but my rides do not follow the plan.

If I can ride a training crit with the club, I do. I stroke of the Tuesday M2/A1/P4... workout and consider it all done. But next day, when it says E2, I religiously do so, and stay out of the red.

Same with riding the hills, if I attack the 5 minute climbs that counts as F/P/M/A workouts, everything!

Some may cringe, but it is still better than going out and hammering in zone 3/4 without ever improving.

I did my first test last night, rode 15km ITT in 24:15. Top quarter of my field, I can't wait until my next test to gauge my improvement.